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@Guest: Getting back as soon as possible, don't worry I haven't forgotten~
@NightFall7: You seem like you really want some yandere to this comic~
A little peek about Mischa~
Don't worry, you will meet him later again!
@Guest: We will get to it later <u< ♥
@NightFall7: Thank you, I fixed it ^^
Yeah, to Satan probably lol.
Crow will deny everything.
@Tessu-chan: Hahaa! Kyllä vain Mischa on tähän sarjikseen tehty <u< ♥
Hello from your stalker from the bushes.
@LightEclipse: (You all wish for it don't you.)
@Guest: He's so close to it!
@Avi: Thank you so much ♥ <u<
@ilovethiscomic: Hahaa, a good one!
Hi, we're not dead.

I made a small change to Crow's eyes since the black part bothered me a lot and changed his expressions too much.
@Avi: Yup, it's not dead ^u^ I'm just on... uh... motivational break. I'm planning to continue more actively when I have my summer vacation from work~
@LightEclipse: Thank youuu~ ♥
@Tessu-chan: Sateenkaarisiivet tulee >D
Oh no, precious cinnamon roll is broken :c
@LightEclipse: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)