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Break is coming up! If i'm not too busy with Video Games and HW (DEAR GOD, WHY!?) I may draw what Zak, Yumi, and everyone else from that manga idea look like. In total, there will be 12 Main characters and a hell of a lot of Side Characters.

I JUST noticed Excalibur...yay.
a random pic i drew and i thought it was epic
la la~
can u see the special guest? :d

another Zak
more detail. sis got a little bit obsessed with this char ^u^;;

Zak Storm
my sis drew this.

this is just a pic, more detailed designs will come.

LOL kaw! Nice pic archy. [AvoryAzion]
Hip hip, cheario and what not. :3 [AvoryAzion]
Thanx. I only had trouble with the feet and you can still see the shape of the left arm through the right hand. I gotta draw lighter next time. [AvoryAzion]
just a little pic of Klaud on the Airship leaning over a 10 000 (or something) feet drop trying to give the crow his cake . . . :l

here's klaud (pronounced clawed)

do you get what i mean now? is the art okay?

i didn't draw many expressions 4 him, but I'll prob keep on changing his design ^u^
Here it is!
Here you are, Arch Angel. My current "Masterpiece"

This is a sketch of one of the important side characters in the manga with Avory and co. I still haven't come up with a name for that manga yet...

My scanner makes it look...rough [AvoryAzion]