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I like to draw, play piano, and imagine. And potatoes, yes.
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September 28th, 2011
Hah, love your comic, as always.
And your friend's comic seems amazinggg.
Teehee, it looks interesting~
January 10th, 2011
Wow, this page is very beautiful.
The umbrella has a ethereal glow to it, and I love the fact that you cannot see the head.
December 21st, 2010
This is such a sad page...
Seems quite hard to understand.

Evelyn or Anita.

In a way, I like it vague. In another way, it's almost too vauge. But still, I think your pages are very thoughtful.
December 15th, 2010
Wow, I like your pages and art. It's very poetic and expressive. And the style you paint in is great.