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I like to draw (although I won't proclaim myself as being awesome) and I like to story tell. So here's the best of both worlds for me.

I also tend to work on a lot of fanfiction and can be found on a few sites on deviant, y-gal,, and under pen names of kaltheinya and nightbloom. (Well, kaltheinya is only used on deviant.)

While I mostly dabble in the slash and yaoi genre... I do enjoy a good general story here and there. Especially mystery stuff. And paranormal.
Not Giving Up
I've just, been really distracted. Lol. But not giving up.
Not quite a week
So it was a bit more... but at least it wasn't as long as last update. :)
Sporadic Updates
I do apologize. Find myself extremely distracted between work, fanfic, bursts of wanting to do physical art work (playing around with actual paints and shit, friend drama, and video games. And reading...

Anyhow, working on the next five pages that only need "toning" and then the last five to six pages before I bring Chapter 5 to a close. Then another hiatus while I work on chapter 6. Eek...

Aw, thank to all the fans that I have somehow gained these past two months of nothing... What the hell... I update once to twice a week and get like maybe three to six people a month and then in a dry spell BAM... 25 of you... Lol.

Haven't finished redoing Chapter two either and I think I only have like six pages there as well. So we shall see. :)

Tried uploading this Sunday... but I'm from Florida... we had pesky Isaac wrecking havoc with our cable. At least I didn't lose power... just gained a waterfront... well... more like a personal island... with my house and drive way (mostly) above water.
Damn Night Scenes!
Why am I tormenting myself with them?! Actually I don't mind doing the shading on the characters themselves... it's the fact that I hate back grounds and I'm trying to make it look like night on top of that! Lol.
I forgot who mentioned Gari's creepy eyes... well here you go. It's a bit creepier watching it creep back to normal... Late update, sorry... but at least I made it!
You asked for it...
I mean, what would possess him not to call a taxi like Marcus instead of walking down an empty sidewalk in the middle of the "night" (colonies have an artificial day cycle) to get home?

And poor Roberto is gonna have some weird circular bruises around his jaw line and neck... at least Gari isn't outright choking him...

Anyhow, raced to get this ready for Wednesday midnight morning release. Like, almost half an hour to spare. Updates Eastern time to those on the west coast... so you guys see it around..8... 9?

Ahead of inking but not toning so... I should be fine for Monday update.
300+ Fans!
Although I think the only one celebrating is Gari at the moment. Lol. Aiming for an update of an actual page for Wednesday. I hope. Been busy and it's really only toning that I need to finish and try to add some background.
Still Ahead
Well, in terms of inking. Not toning. I have, I think, five pages digitally inked and six sketched out. So Chapter 5 will hopefully wrap up mid August. :) Unless I really get ahead and then just do double updates every week instead of every other week, with a possible triple one. :) We'll see. Thinking of doing another short this time showing a random day in the lives of Kristalia and Gari. Warning, if I do... I did mention this was a "mostly" yaoi story. It'll be NSFW and definitely hentai/het. But no... not incest. Just Gari finding himself somewhat traumatized.
@Nalatos: I think that's why Poser debut is enough for my needs. I don't want to lose the need for drawing, but I guess thats only for this comic. Because give me a pencil and paper and I don't need to trace anything. Give me a tablet, eh... not as smooth. Lol.

Sadly my computer is in the need of an update so I don't chance adding another program onto it just yet, so with my luck I'll probably miss out on Daz4 although... again... if I'm not going to make it a habit of using rendered models for art... it might just end up being a waste of memory on my computer...

But who knows...

In the mean time... I'll draw both digitally and physically. :)
@luluBRAWR: Roberto's hair grows like a weed. Lol. So you'll see his hair get long before he lops it off. :)
Unknown Fact
Long long ago... like seriously long ago... before I graduated high school long ago... oh my god I'm old... when my characters were humans, Marcus was a friend of Roberto -- I may have mentioned that once already. He was a jock that cared not for Roberto being gay, well, not much anyhow, although I think it was to impress a mutual female friend they had, and he did what he could to protect Roberto. (In my human stories... they ranged from being in high school to being in their lower 20s. Marcus was a high school buddy.)

I decided to use Marcus because Roberto needs a nice human-like friend who has no ulterior motives. Lol!!!

And I kept his jock build. Not all healers are gonna be wimps. :)

Update on Friday.
Cheating? Taking Agvantage (Part 3)
Here's where I really had fun... Another great thing about Poser is the cameras you can play with to give you fun angles. Hence we have a slightly overhead shot from Roberto's back while he's leaning back in his chair, and then another one capturing both figures.

With Poser debut, you can obviously add more than one figure and set them at distances and the like, and had I done this free hand... my ratios probably would have been so far off... Lol.

But I can't feel too guilty tracing over the figures. I still have to draw around them, and I'm not adept at actually using rendered models... and if I can't DRAW backgrounds that well... creating them in a virtual world will be almost impossible. Or very time consuming. And I have to plan the angles that I want to use as well.

Although it would be nice if I could use Poser as it's meant to be. Because then I so would be tempted to do this comic in color with the rendered models. :) But then I would lose the feeling of still drawing much of it by hand with my tablet. :( So no... black and white manga will continue with the exception of specials, and utilizing the models for tricky shots and size comparisons.

For those who might be tempted to use this same asset for simple posing to use as references and the like, not actual art, Poser Debut will have your most basic needs and is about $50.

Power to the others who can utilize the program the way it is meant to be. Love most of the work I see. :)

Update on Monday.
Cheating? Taking Advantage (Part 2)
Hands have always been a difficulty for me. And although I only used the Poser Debut as a reference for the top panel... I am loving the program for more than it's usage in "still life."

So for all wondering what you can do... I use Poser to set up a sequence of shots based upon my thumbnails. In this case, my thumbnail had Roberto looking over his shoulder while sitting, and originally giving a wave.

As I set up the pose just to test it out, I ended up altering the hand to be a "peace" sign and then traced over it, adding hair, clothes, elongating the nose to fit the right style. Finished the page, and then proceeded the next one...


Psst... Update on Wednesday.
Cheating? Taking Advantage... (Part 1)
No, not talking about Relationships...

So... I broke down and bought a new program. But not for the original intention. Poser Debut is meant for beginning 3d artists. And I suppose I could buy the actual full program. But I really don't want to do 3d art so much, other than learn how to do landscapes and such

The reason why I bought it was because I could use it as an actual sized ratio mannequin. Difficult poses and height differences... I can now scale and manipulate the poses, render the image, and use it to somewhat trace onto my pages. I say somewhat because I still have to tweak the face to look like my style and sketch out what they're wearing as my models are nude, and plus some of my characters are aliens but I can figure out how far out or in the lines are suppose to be.

A bit of cheating, but I am taking the time to make the camera angle look right so I guess not really? Either way, it's one of the reasons why I've been able to pick up the pace in getting ahead. I'll talk a bit more about it on the next page... since that's the first page I got to use my digital models. :)


Oh yeah, update Friday.
Coming Along
Pages are coming along to go back, for the moment, to my old routine. Expect the new page up Monday of next week. :)

Don't forget to drop a line. Lol.
I actually got it up in the week's time I said I would... expect another update around Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday the latest. :)

And the evil plotting continues.
@Dazer_Dune: Thank you so much! More mayhem being worked. :)
Glad I found this! Something to entertain the other side of my interest spectrum! I always had a secret soft spot for the noir style, although there is no traditional narrative going on but still... I can almost hear the jazzy tune with a spooky twist. :)
@Snager: Well, the main conversation was between Jax and Roberto. Gari is off making comments on the side to which Roberto responds because he feels the need to, but I had been hoping to convey his interest in Jax with the bigger letterings.
Angry Gari
Hmmm... why so angry? You're gonna puncture your lip in a moment. Lol!

There should be another update next week. No specific days yet. Trying to work ahead and at this time, I got 4 pages digitally inked, and another 4 in rough sketch phase. Want to get those done before toning them and posting them in regular updates. :)