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By the way
yes I am switching the format from sidescrole to this semi block format,
Dont get me wrong, for the most part I love what they did with the starting zones in Cata, but realise that some of there design and design changes from the old days had things that, well. to be kind about it, WERE <BLEEP>ING STUPID.

Seriously Developers? you do realise That most of your player base, horde or aliance, WANTS TO BE THE GOOD GUYS! going up to mobs that are bascialy just standing around minding there own buisness and killing them. . . THATS NOT A GOOD THING TO DO!

The average player if they start here will probably be completly ignorant of the lore and not realise what the heck is going on here. . . . and to be honest I know the lore and when it came to the bloodelves in the Azuremist newbi starting zone I got the distinct feel that (1) they were cramed in and (2) when they were made to be non hostile they realy should have been taken out alltogether and had some other quest put in its place.

Thats not counting the oddballs like the (frankly) craptasticaly bad design for the revamped Stormwind starting area, (Seriously, was the person who put the modle together blind drunk to not notice that two of the modles had the nearly yard/meter long spyglass pointing at the bloody ground?)
Fallout new vegas was one of my gifts
It is a fun little romp, ONCE YOU GET PAST THE FREAKING BUGS but multiplaye games like more engageing....and less buggy... (and thats considering all the bugs my 85 ran into as he leveled through the new content)

Just think the idiots who released this antpile (more accuratly its predicessor, Fallout 3 which was a hell of a lot buggyer than this is when it was released) are working on an mmo.

I wonder if doing so will actualy force them to work at getting the bugs out. . . nah. . .
I love it when glitches like this happen
and yes there was a lot of that kind of logic (they are doing it and they are not stupid so therefor we beter start doing it ourselves!) The UFO thing in Russia was a classic case in point, from what I have found, the Russians more or less figured out that the US Airforce had basicaly stumbled onto the perfect cover for its secret work.

take any given incident, "officialy" investgate it, leak "information" about the incident, and then let the "fringe thinkers" run from there, and soon most people will just go oh THEM again and go on. they overlooked the reality that people would latch onto individial cases literaly forever trying to dig into "the real story" that the goverment had covered up.
Given his and other examples
then Its probably safe to say that no we DONT want player Nightelves to stop being treehuggers. . .
Actualy. . .
I did have to relearn(the hard way) to heal between mobs earlyer on, its just that here was a far better picture of me after the fact

This webcomic is going to be heck on my repair bill. . .
Merry Christmans and Happy Holidays
and have a wonderfull new year!
Casting call rejects
was to have a "Horde side" "anti Jinylee" versions of my main cast, unfortunatly. . .or fortunatly. . . take your pick sanity returned.
And you thought your doctors waiting room was slow. . .
whenever they do a major patch, they always break something. . . I wonder when this will get fixed. . . (this comic was put in the buffer que on 12-20 2010, so it may have been fixed by the time you see it. or not)
The result I never expected. .
Rockhuger was also avalible on my server. However by the time you read this there will be a rockhuger romping around.

It will not be me. one Rockhugger in the family is enough!
Back to the beguining. . .
as I post this (Dec 19) im up to over 1200 page views. . thanks to WoW insider.

This will be the last poke I take at pornshire. . . aka Goldshire. . .I suspect we all agree this will be a good thing!
Unlike Jinylee he had no swarm of Dreanei showing up to mess with his head or my screenshots.

However there was a 85 night elf who showed up to grind faction on lowbi quests.
in case its not obvious I redid the two previous strips after finishing this one.

What kept me from redoing THIS one was that I realy did not want to wait for that patrol to crawl by again to retake the shots.
December 15th, 2010
Interesting backstore on this one, more later
still not quite right in some ways. . .
Jumping to perfectly apropreate conclusions. . .
One of the tricky bits about doing a webcomic useing a live game is that you cant pause the game to move the screenshot to your workspace. . . I was aparently pulling trains within a few seconds of me swaping over to open the newest picture doing this sequence. But I did learn to stop her from running headlong into a pack of wolves and bandits the third time I did it. Honest!
Still in Stormwind
The part of which I am about to say should be renamed the Stormind nudist colony! Ive seen humans, Worgen, Gnomes Dwarves Elves and Draenei in the buff while getting the screens for this shot.
And we are off. . .
Seriously, if you dont have an Authenticator on your WoW Account you realy dont have a Brain, and thats all there is to it.

Ironicaly I was debaiting makeing a nudi toon for this strip. . . then I remembered, I play WoW. you bascialy need to go to stormwind to create a guild currently just because thats where a lot of the easy to get to players are for low levels and . . . unfortunatly your just up the path from Goldshire. . .

I actualy had to wait for enough nudists bank alts to move out of the shot to take the third frame.

And at least whoever ran that last toon let her keep her boots. Cobblestones can be hard on bare feet!
Its time to Hurry up and Wait. . . and shes a Gnome!
Well at leasts shes out of that radioactive hellhole. . .
Just remember, this could be you!
an interesting side note on Karma, as soon as I started framing this comic, someone poped in with a new toon. . . poor Jiny on the bed. . (and poor me trying to frame theshots)then someone else poped in, then another. and another.

And well things kind of went downhill from there. . . with all the morning and crying over her "dead" body and people scrambeling to do CPR. . .(by jumping on me!) RPers can be sutch a wild bunch when they set there minds to it!