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Hahaha, you are such a troll, my dear!
And there he dies from laughter.
What a sad end of a life.
Great idea the whole thing. XD
'You've been hit on by Leonardo Da Vinci, for Christ sake!'

I laughed so hard! Seriously, that's just as awesome as your art!
I'm really stunned by the way you color pics. It looks so simple but cool. I don't have words for it!
Uuuhyeah. Prince Harry. We Germans weren't happy at all about that costume...

I laughed so hard about the three double panels in the upper half of the page. Communication without words works! XD
You know what Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun are thinking just by looking at there faces. That's totally awesome!

It's like: 'Shaauuun...'
'You will go after him.'
'I will...? What? Why?!'
'Maaah, don't wanna...'
Puken Rainbow
November 15th, 2011
Awesome M!!!!
U R goin' 2 wiiiiin!

No, seriously. Is this some kind of just really, r e a l l y stupid dream of Rasputin?
Puken Rainbow
October 6th, 2011
There is no way to escape M! XD
I mean he just left the house and gets a message right behind the fence. M's a lil' stalker kiddo! XD
7th panel is pure epicness! XD
I like the use of red in all that white, grey and black. Looks beautiful. Good job!
Awesome jacket is awesome! *_*
Looks like you had a hard time drawing it. But it was worth it! Just pretty. Really pretty.
Puken Rainbow
September 24th, 2011
Haha! Ohmygaawd! He looks so happy while telling Rasputin his real name. X3
And stupid lil' Rasputin starts laughing. Yeah. That's life isn't it?
Puken Rainbow
September 22nd, 2011
Shaun's way of walking reminds me of the 'Ministry of silly walks'. I'm so sorry but I can't stop laughing! XD

By the way, compliment to the writer, nice dialoges. :3
Puken Rainbow
September 22nd, 2011
It's a PINK cup!
I don't know, but I guess it might even be possible that Shaun really got a pink cup. Just because! XD
Puken Rainbow
September 22nd, 2011
Shaunlock Holmes got it right.
Desmond is the culprit! XD
Puken Rainbow
August 31st, 2011
I wanna have M for my bestest girlfriend! XD
He's an EXPERT - uhuuuum. What else?

I'm kinda surprised that Rasputin is really drinking that stuff. I guess, he shouldn't do that. Didn't his mum tell him that you shouldn't take stuff from strangers? Especially not when you're a boy with a cute face and adorable character and the other one is that sort of gay rapist who calls himself an 'expert'!
Goooosh, that boy!
Puken Rainbow
August 22nd, 2011
Well... Yeah. Hmhmmmm.
M tries to be nice. Of course.
What else could he try...?

Seriously... Rasputin, you're in a deep shit, boy! And you'll figure that out soon enough.
M got some evil plans already.
I guess, I like his plans right from this moment on. >D

He's just hilarious with his messed up room and the alcohol. The total opposite of Luke. Which is nice because you got so many different guys in there with different personalities and their own... well... 'special needs'. XD
It makes your whole comic like... lively or something. If you know what I mean.
Puken Rainbow
August 14th, 2011
Jupjup. Rasputin's gonna take over the world. That's what I'm talking about, dear. >D

And... OMG! There's a lil' dog looking like some kind of strange mix between rabbit and dog right next to Harry Potter! XD

But back to the more important part - M!
He... looks so like a girly girl gay guy. It's super gayness! I mean - his shoulders are free and he wears sunglasses and a hat and... and... the scarf of gayness! No wonder Rasputin looks at him with that awesome face! XD

I'm so in love with all those insane characters! <3
Puken Rainbow
August 7th, 2011
Well... I guess I was right, hu? Rasputin knows how to handle life at the end. Yapyap, he's an evil mastermind. Now I'm sure about that point!

Most awesome thought ever thought by Luke. But actually... It wasn't so unexpected for me.
Go, Rasputin, kick some asses! >D
Puken Rainbow
August 2nd, 2011
I don't think Rasputin is a retard.
He's pobably some kind of evil mastermind. A genius of badassness or something. He just hides it behind some big puppy eyes. HA! I figured it out! XD

My love for Luke keeps growing. But he needs to see that he cannot live without Rasputin's luuuuv! So do something about eeet! Nooow! XD
Ok, got it. :3

I really do like M. He's like the gayest person in the world. Right after Rasputin. XD

I like how you handle colors. It's a pity that you only do the first page of a chapter in color as some kind of parody on mangas. Well. That's probably why it's so epic. XD

Keep up the good work, dear! *goes cheerleader*
The scream.
And the very end.
It's Rasputin doin' the scream, am I right?! XD
That's funny.

So... The whole thing happened in Rasputin's closet? o_O
Or is there some strange connection between his room and Luke's? I didn't really get that part... Stupid Puken Rainbow is stupid.