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October 19th, 2012
Well at least he kinda survived. I feel a bit bad about his friend(s) getting offed but well... too bad, so sad.

Now, totally looking forward to their journey to meet Mina.
October 7th, 2012
Sorry for the exceedingly late reply:

1)oops, was actually asking about male and female slaves in general. However, I do think your answer fulfilled my question 'cos then, there're probably just as many slaves who get treated as cattle(food source, maybe even sex).

2) Wow, that's kinda interesting. So what? It's like some kind of "reward" thing or if not, some sort of "attraction" thing?

Hmm, now I'm thinking of someone who's born a slave and becoming a vampire: man, the freedom, the responsibilities, etc.

Ooh and now, I'll wait and see if any of the main characters get turned.

And I love the way Guthlac dropped him: so full of grace and movement, like a conductor at an orchestra!

And ooh, Scarrow: he's so rebellious! =P

Btw, swap out the "c" for a "p" and we've got Sparrow! Nice nickname for a bird lover, doncha think? :P
Oh gods, Drake's face in the first 2 panels... so smug, so evil, so sexy, so pure win.

Poor Teucer, he's gonna get killed, right? =/

Oh man, I'm glad the comic's still updating but I hope you're getting well.

Btw, Pg 137 is broken.
October 4th, 2012
And one more thing: I so dig the patchwork blanket. Did Sindhri knit that or did Lumi bring it over?
October 4th, 2012
Bwahaha... they both sound like a bickering couple. Too bad they aren't in love with one another.

And together with that pix of Sindhri wearing a hair net, I can't stop thinking of him as a domestic housewife. :D

So where did he get saffron and all that food? Oh, didn't Simo mention his older brother was awake more and more? Maybe he can get out of his cave?

And forgive me: I thought that wasn't saffron but flies Sindhri put in!
October 2nd, 2012
Oh I see. That makes things very interesting then! =)

Anyways hoping Tristan gets more polished as time passes. After all, he's quite brainy and there must have been a reason why he was picked by Suul as her replacement.

A shame Hemlock is only 6 chapters long. What I'd give for a sequel.
October 2nd, 2012
@Jaya: Well, it's a bit unnatural for him to start plotting only after he became King. He needs to be cunning, cruel, quick-witted and so on, certain traits which might've existed since he was born. Hence, my thoughts.

@mildtarantula: pft... story tease! =D I'll be waiting, don't worry. :P Well, unless Sindri's spirited me away and converted me into his slave/whatever hideous monster.

And can't wait to see if there are any male witches out there, besides the 3 bro-witches.
September 29th, 2012
Damn... Guthlac hungry, Guthlac sexy! :D

It's also fun to watch Scarrow struggle to get away.

Btw, I got a few questions:

1) are female slaves also subjected to the same "treatment" poor Scarrow is receiving?

2) is it possible for a slave to be turned into a vampire? Somehow I doubt that's the path Scarrow would take though.

3) And it seems Scarrow's name means something like shadowy/faint light. Does this have any connection to the plot? :P
September 27th, 2012
Hmmm so I hope things will become more interesting. Tristan's convos with Sindri are entertaining.

Also maybe it's just me but Simo does seem to have certain agendas of his own and he doesn't seem as "cut and dry nice" as portrayed in the story. Which leads me to ask: were any of Simo's schemes partly responsible for Sindri's behaviour(the acts which led to his exile) or was that totally Sindri's behaviour?

And damn, that "fake face" of Sindri was totally hawt. :D Sorry but I also kinda love Sindri too. =P Go on and creep your wife out, dude. :p
It seems the forum is down?
February 6th, 2012
Does it matter? CNY is mostly commercialised these days and celebrating each year is just an excuse to splurge. :P But that's me being cycnical: there's the "historical details" behind all those names and stuff.

Erm, challenge darker powers? Sorry, mind explaining?
January 26th, 2012
Thanks for the explanation! So does salt affect Joan?

I agree with your comment that it's about time they get out of the city and quickly. Btw, it's thanks to the internet I get to read your comic, from across another continent since I've found few webcomics to be quite entertaining. =P Oh, was simply re-reading your comic so I found the pages. xD It's a shame I didn't have any Chinese New Year cookies when I was reading them!

As for the shipping thing: there's this chinese saying. "Da shi teng, ma shi ai" = "To beat someone is to like him, to scold someone is to love him." That's the rough translation. =) Given the constant friction between the 2 and this scene? Hahahahaha... :P
January 20th, 2012
Hmmmm... I thought the cell was reinforced with silver and that would impact his healing? :)

Also, dear gods... I think Drake probably thinks of Joan more as a pal, a buddy buddy... lol. And look at her, clinging to him like... I dunno. Well, this could get really awkward since a third party(Ted) is never welcome. Unless, well, it's an open relationship or something "interesting". But whatever, my mind's wandering and I'm supposed to be doing other more important things. :P

Btw, page 109 seems to be down:

Page 116 too:

Also, can't wait for the major storyline to start happening soon... :P
January 12th, 2012
Ouch, poor Joan! :( I wish I could offer her some nice cookies. And Drake and Ted've got that look which says "oh crap".

Btw, yeah... he would make a menacing fighter, given that he's a dragon after all. *rawwwwrrrrr*"Put down the gun, you idiot! It won't work! Ruuunnnnnn!!!!"
December 23rd, 2011
Welcome back! :)
Hey, welcome back. I've been busy too with moving and stilll... unpacking.

Well, to be honest, I love Drake's posture and that smug smile in the 2nd picture. Doesn't he look like a mafia honcho, with his 2 lackeys? :P
February 12th, 2011
Hey, thanks for all the recs. I'll get started on that soon, I guess? Btw, can't wait to see what's going to happen. Poor whatshisname (Teucer?) is going to get killed trying to oppose a fiery god. And Joan? I wonder what's gonna become of her. And actually, where in the heck did she fly off to? I'm also wondering what sort of other powers did she develop all of a sudden?

Uhm, what archangel killing? Well, right... they killed Uriel. Then again, they kind of messed around with a fair chunk of the plot 'cos if God is somewhere around, I guess he can do whatever he wants.

Btw, yeah the lore is only somewhat accurate and I bet the writers like taking liberties with the mythology and lore. :P It's like how they manage to turn almost every single creature in the series, into some malevolent and twisted killing force. xD Or make everything so sinister and creepy. =P And yesss... I love the guns stuff: I've never heard of salted gun pellets. It's so darn entertaining! Salt 'n burn, baby! Makes for more fun and sense than finding ancient relics where by the time the relic plot is over, the writers have usually forgotten about the overall plot.

I'd ramble on but... meh, don't think you'd like to hear me gushing over the series. :D
February 5th, 2011
Hmmm... I guess the rain is often not that pure? Streams and rivers were obviously somewhat polluted but with rain, you've acid rain, toxic residues from goodness knows where. And throw in odd injuries and perhaps death during rainy times, you get the belief that perhaps water in other sources are purer and stuff? On the other hand, scratch that. Sounds like a lame explanation! I guess you can go with beliefs or something like that.

And sorry for the late reply. Been watching Supernatural and also kinda busy, so my brains are like totally "out there". Oh yeah btw, any tv series that deals with lore and stuff like that? Can be both modern and ancient, ya know. :P
January 19th, 2011
Aw, np.

I wonder what is that in panel 1? Telepathy? Methinks he knows who or what is sending that signal.

Also, if water is pure and vamps can't stand it, then how about rainwater or showers?
I hope those poor soldiers are okay. :( But I don't think anyone would survive that except for Joan and Teddy. Also, damn you stupid god! =P You've wrecked Joan's chances of getting away quietly. Going "fwoom" is like announcing your presence to the entire world. Though, nice touch since it somewhat fits with his personality.

Btw, you know what Teddy needs? A nice teddy bear. =P Also, what happens if vampires eat human food? Do they die or is there just no nutrition value for them?

Also, thanks to watching some Horror-themed show, I'm now voicing Joanne's "words" with some demonic effects in my head. :P

Also, cool... those are some neat fire skills there. I doubt they count as Joan's repertoire of skills though.

Ah, so the gods can look like anything and could even speak and look like Joan, Teucer or someone else.

Also, this likely sounds harsh but still you need to work on your action scenes a bit more and add fluidity. The characters are all standing up stiff straight and no one ever does that while they're attacking or under attack. Not unless it's a horror comedy scene or something. :P Try looking at scenes from action movies, manga, etc. Or consulting some Andrew Loomis books(well, that's what my artist friends were into).

Hope you enjoyed your new year's and christmas. =)
December 24th, 2010
ROFL... "letting the mortal face mortality". Is he implying then that you get to attain immortality by dying? I hope not.

Well, knowing you, almost every panel carries a clue or something significant. :P

Kicking some ass soon?! Good! While punches and slaps are great for holding 'em guards up, they're working only 'cos Teucer and Aias have been gracious enough to not use any weaponry on Joan. The god had better mindwipe the guards and all spectators.

The only thing is that Joan might need some therapy after this. Possession and/or sudden extra boosts of power sound unexpected and traumatic enough!

Also, hmmm... I'm waiting for the next few comics to see why a God with no mouth can speak and why a God with no mouth can see. Don't tell me they share vocal and visual organs? :P

Btw is it me or does the image for this comic look somewhat blurry?

Also just a final thought: water is supposed to be "bad" for vampires, right? So how ddo they deal with rainwater?