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I'm just your average adultish girl that likes Kirby, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart, Rhythm Heaven, Toontown, Danganronpa etc.
Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
Always feel free to message me, be it here, be it somewhere else.

@Avatar: good boy

Main comic: 20 Times Kirby!
Status on my other comics: Soon™

I'm also on Tumblr, if you want to follow me:
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@Una - mesh:

Yeah, I know about this. It's certainly interesting.
I wonder what she decided to do...
Also I REALLY hope all of this isn't extremely confusing. Again remember, if you have any questions do tell, I'll answer them the best I can.
Also, I kinda revived my Twitter that I had never really in the past, so huh if you want to follow me or something
it's simple
cliché or something probably

Oh, don't worry, that photo isn't forgotten forever, and will be addressed somewhat soon. Everything you pointed out makes perfectly sense, that single photo raises lots of questions indeed.
I blame Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney, the Bravely series and Danganronpa and their stupidly complicated plot twists (and Persona 5 maybe??)
(The fact that I beat Danganronpa V3 this Sunday, which had the best and worst plot twist ever, probably won't help from now on WELP)
...So yeah if you have questions feel free to ask. Things are just starting however, so maybe what you ask will be answered soon enough.
And gosh I'm having trouble balancing flashbacks and talking, mainly when who's narrating is a blind character. Hopefully it's working.
then everyone died the end
luz is yet another character I have trouble with expressions whoops
Just Like a Butterfly + White Out

Ahh, first of all, thanks!

Secondly, huh, maybe because I've been doing this for a while, I guess? I also love working on this comic way too much.

wow how did you find out.....

It was never said that Keeby was kidnapped; his whereabouts are currently unknown but soon enough you'll see him again.
Took you long enough Luz
hah sorry I like to complicate things but I yeah things are just getting started

Also I love Persona 5 it's a great game I beat it Sunday I guess you couldn't tell by my current and past two avis huuuh
@JovanW @Ultizeta

Not to mention I would have to rearrange all kirbies to fit the format of a cover or something like that.

this is like the biggest coincidence ever omg
this comic is finally canon /s

It's Portuguese, not Spanish. And that hasn't been the case for a while; I have pointed that out in the past. Also, he has no thought bubbles in the page, so I'm not sure why you're pointing it out.