I'm just your average adultish girl that likes Kirby, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart, Rhythm Heaven, Toontown, Danganronpa etc.
Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
Always feel free to message me, be it here, be it somewhere else.


Main comic: 20 Times Kirby!
Status on my other comics: Soon™

I'm also on Tumblr, if you want to follow me:
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stop, wait a minute

So at the end I made that Discord server! Here's the invite link: See you there!

Just better ask before, because what good is a chatroom without people to chat? Good thing I'm already seeing some support.

And yeah, I do play Persona 5! I'm just starting the second Palace, loving the game so far.

@Una - mesh:

Yes, that's Yan talking, not Grace.
I'm making all my villains or I guess bad guys to team up I'm original

So, recently I came back to using Discord, and I started to wonder if maybe people who read this comic would be interested if I made a server for this comic. If you would, please say so! If I see that there's enough interest on it I'll make one. I bet that would be fun if that ended up happening.
Also, pretty soon I plan on updating the Links and Extras (which will turn into Fan Art) pages, along with a minor change to the menu. I still don't know when that will be, but I'll let you guys know.

I'd think that by now everyone would be familiar enough with Galacta Knight to understand that he likes mocking people. Like basically what Nova Ozuka said, that's his motivation (or I guess could be his only motivation), it's not like he cares. Do you really think that Xiaolin and Panee, on the other hand, would join something like this just because? I develop my characters for a reason.

I've also never been the type to create simple plotlines; what Galacta has been saying here is only the tip of the iceberg.
the more the merrier
it's your boy xiaolin
I think I write Galacta Knight differently than what most people would assume he's like, and I don't know why. So yeah, I guess in the next pages you'll see more of this comic's Galacta Knight, he hasn't showed up a lot in the past.
Hopefully I'm not confusing you all with the Warp Stars thing. Think of a game that basically had no Warp Stars, since kirbies summoning Warp Stars is something true only in my comic, not in the games. That's what Kirby is talking about there.
Unfortunately I won't be able to update tomorrow, due to tests and how next page isn't that simple to be made. Sorry about that. I'll go back to updating normally like I do, Sundays and Wednesdays, this next Sunday.

Oh whoops, I'll make sure to fix that, thanks for pointing out.


More like less than 50 kirbies
Congrats to Kirbyfan27 on guessing right!
let's head "there"

Seasons are different between the north and the south, not the west and the east.


The comic will end soon, but not THAT soon. This chapter isn't the final one, despite its name. The soonest it may end is in late 2018.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the compliment!