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I'm just your average adultish girl that likes Kirby, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart, Rhythm Heaven, Toontown, Danganronpa etc.
Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
Always feel free to message me, be it here, be it somewhere else.

@Avatar: Open for business!

Main comic: 20 Times Kirby!
Status on my other comics: Soon™

I'm also on Tumblr, if you want to follow me:
Although recently I've been more active on Twitter!
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Who are these characters in the last panels?
keeby was not appearing for one page too much for you

(I rewrote the end of this page and I hope it works; if it's a bit confusing for you next page should clear up some stuff you may be wondering about.)

It did! Keeby did get mad at Kirby for various reasons, it just wasn't enough to actually make him go "ok bye".


Trust me they were never in vain



Well, he also had Kawpy helping him here, otherwise this really wouldn't work. Unless you're talking about something else?

@Chendra Limiarja:

Yeah, when you delete someone's comment you have the option to also ban them after doing so. If it's an user you can ban their account only, or that along with their IP even. If it's a guest it's only IP based.

@its jade 7w7:

cameo added, comic ended

1- I have no clue who your Kirby OC is. Don't act like I know who they are.

2- I have no idea why you want them so badly to show up, when the only time I put chracters that aren't mine was due to contests, and I've already said in the past I won't add any more cameos.

3- If your character is so overpowered that they can defeat Miracle Matter easily, after it was said in the comic it's super powerful, I'd rather not put them anyway to destroy any conflict the comic still has left.

I've been patient with you so far but you haven't replied to any of my replies to you. If you don't reply yet again and keep posting comments about your OC showing up in the comic I'll have to assume you're a troll and I'll ban you because your comments have been REALLY annoying. Just stop commenting about that and actually listen to me, please. Consider this a warning.
I feel like I have to drop a tl;dr of Keeby in general here to explain better some stuff. It's not a complete explanation because there are still some stuff that will happen that will make his actions even more clear, so stay tuned to that.

So, anyway, Dual Destinies happened, and in the end Keeby got super mad and just left. Although I did put some stuff before that showed he would get mad at Kirby for not helping him and stuff, it wasn't enough. However, at the time I posted that chapter, I wasn't fully aware of that. You see, I'm the author, not the reader of the comic, and although most of the time I can predict what you all think of a character and such, I make mistakes. And such Keeby was probably my biggest mistake of the comic (and I guess the whole Dual Destinies chapter, but that's another story).

I'll admit it; I'm not here to lie to you guys: when I posted the last page of Dual Destinies I had 0 intentions of that being Keeby pretending to be mad at Kirby. It was Keeby for reals snapping and doing that out of anger. He wasn't supposed to be acting. At the time I had already the idea he would go after Xiaolin to train his powers, and would end up making the plan for him, but not 100% like how in the end it happened.

But that quickly changed. The more comments I got of people saying Keeby was out of character, or how his actions were too sudden, (in the whole chapter even) the more I realized that I had something wrong, and that I had to change something, and fast. So I looked at Keeby's characterization, and quickly the whole idea of him pretending to snap just to go after Xiaolin came to me.

Of course, that still was no easy task. Although you did say Keeby was acting strange in Dual Destinies, if I only later made him come back like he did in Miracles Matter, and then now how he betrayed Xiaolin, you all would think this was really out of nowhere. That's where Reminiscence came.

In Reminiscence no one could explain Keeby's actions fully. By showing this, I hoped I would make it clear that the only way Keeby's actions would make sense was if he was playing double agent... Or I guess like some people said, if he was possessed by Dark Matter lol. But yeah. Ever since, I think I saw two people guess so, so congrats; I guess in the end I was able to implant that idea.

So this is what I can talk about Keeby right now. Mind you, there are still some things that explain his actions more. But rest assured he never wanted to destroy the world. If you have any questions, ask them away, I'll answer them if they don't spoil future events.

I also want to thank everyone who, at the time Dual Destinies ended, commented about Keeby's actions. Without your comments I would probably continue with the idea that Keeby did snap "normally" at Kirby, and I would most likely have destroyed his characterization by this point. I'm not a perfect writer.

Remember Xiaolin's backstory and it should make sense.
Hey looks like the comic has got 550 fans now! Thank you everyone!
There's so much happening here I'll leave the comments to you all lol. But sorry that I updated later than usual, this page was hard to make.

What Kirby OC and why would they show up?
dun dun dun...

Also I've had more than one person ask me in the comments about what I think of Wave 2 of Star Allies, so I just want to quickly say I'm super excited. All three of the Dream Friends look really fun to play as, and all the three games represented in this one mean so much to me. I can't wait for Friday.
And I beat Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday and I highly recommend it to anyone, unless you dislike (J)RPGs or something. Now I'll go back to hunting a physical copy of Octopath Traveler.
@its jade 7w7:

No. If I wanted to post this comic somewhere else I would do it myself. No need to have it posted in more than one site.
like if you can hear panel 12
kirby tries to help but fails every time because he can't get a copy ability: the movie

Okay but really if you want to see Kirby do something important, I'll tell you just to wait a bit.
lindroganti op pls nerf?!?!
xiaolin op pls nerf?!?!

...But yeah I guess that explains better Lindroganti's powers.
Ehh I hope panel 4 isn't confusing. Basically after having their weapons collide Meta and Galacta swinged them back. ...I hope my explanation isn't confusing either, welp.