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I'm just your average adultish girl that likes Kirby, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart, Rhythm Heaven, Toontown, Danganronpa etc.
Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
Always feel free to message me, be it here, be it somewhere else.

@Avatar: MY FOCUS IS UNparalleled...

Main comic: 20 Times Kirby!
Status on my other comics: Soon™

I'm also on Tumblr, if you want to follow me:
Although recently I've been more active on Twitter!
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A flying die starts moving to you direction, what do you do?

Thank you so much! That makes me really happy. :)

I don't get what you're talking about exactly, but from what I think I understood...

Big pauses? What big pauses? If you're talking about the characters talking between battles, well, that's normal? Pretty much every single piece of media that has a battle has dialogue in it. If you think they are talking too much, like I asked, what could I change? Also, this page in particular had more dialogue because Lindroganti was trying to get information from Xiaolin, but I thought that wasn't hard to guess.

What "creatures"? I'm confused, but if you mean like "how does character know this but the other character doesn't", well... No one knows everything about everything. There are certain people that know certain things no one else knows, and, again, that's normal. I don't get your concern.

I'm trying to understand what you're trying to tell me, but frankly I just can't exactly. Also, I asked for you to suggest what I could change and you didn't, so I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish by telling me all this.
@Sudux @GamerDude7 @JovanW @Nature

jdsdjgvfdkdfgdgffsjhyjgug thank you so much. I'm glad you all really like the comic.

I mean... Why wouldn't they?

It's okay. I just hate to keep you all waiting and at the same time I want to keep trying my best in these pages.


Really? I always think I end up making them terrible lol. Thanks!


Thanks. And you're right... But at the same time I hate when I have to skip updates and not keep the schedule. I guess I need to learn to balance them out.

What do you mean by "too much" dialogue? For example, in this page, what would you change, since I think you're implying there's more dialogue than necessary?
So sorry for updating this late, I was finishing the page... In fact, there's no way I can update Wednesday this week, I'm so sorry. Next update will be next Sunday. I've been pretty busy and these big pages don't help at all.

Anyway, yeah... Magic.
I worked or more than half of this page today to finish it in time for the update, I hope you all like it, I slept 5 hours last night, I'm posting this on Tuesday night so that you all can see the update Wednesday, I hope you enjoy it

Also I hope the combinations in this page work... Specially Yo-yo + Hammer.

Thank you!


Nope, the idea of combining their Abilities like that is pretty recent, actually.
The Miracle Matter battle isn't the only thing going on...
spoilers: next page won't be quite what you'd expect
no clear patterns, also ice