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I'm just your average adultish girl that likes Kirby, Pokémon, Ace Attorney, Mario Kart, Rhythm Heaven, Toontown, Danganronpa etc.
Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
Always feel free to message me, be it here, be it somewhere else.

@Avatar: scattered and lost

Main comic: 20 Times Kirby!
Status on my other comics: Soon™

I'm also on Tumblr, if you want to follow me:
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does not compute

no I don't have star allies yet and I'm screaming
I can't believe 14 Times Kirby is canon
These Ribbon sprites were on the same sheet as Adeleine's, so that's why they look so similar. Anyway, yeah, that's her, interrupting for something important.
dun dun dun

Also the direct on my birthday was amazing and I'm super hyped for Star Allies I wonder if I can get it soon ahhhh
and now there's going to be a nintendo direct on my birthday WHAT IS HAPPENING
In case you haven't heard, the Kirby Star Allies demo has been datamined, so beware of spoilers if you're avoiding those. And I'll just say I accidentally saw the name of a character... That from what I could see shares a name with one of the characters of this comic. But I'm not 100% sure, and of course I won't say which character. If you do know DO NOT POST ABOUT IT OTHERWISE I WILL DELETE YOUR COMMENT, thanks. (and if it's really true, first the Kirby Printer, then this... heh)
time is almost up
also, yeah, that's how galacta knight was sealed away in my comic whoops

Tomorrow, March 8th, is my birthday. I'm turning 21. I'm old. Yay?

Well yeah that's no surprise, yes. I already have something planned for that page, in fact...
Yeah that's how Meta Knight knows a lot, for most part, he had the help of a time traveler of sorts.
The fun thing about writing Luz is learning about blind people. Which is why I chose a tablet here. In case you didn't know, blind people can write and read on computers / mobile stuff with the help of some programs, as long as it's like pure text.

And in case you're wondering, yes, this chapter has more than 50 pages... But it's going to have 60, so not as many more. But as you can probably see we're nearing the end of the exposition, since we're about to come full circle... Kind of. Anyway, things are about to get a bit remixed, and soon you'll even see Luz saying it's time to stop. We just need 4 or 5 more pages.

Well if you want me to actually finish this comic I don't think being rude like that helps. And if you don't want talking, you better go watch some mute movies because normal stories have lots of dialogue, just like real people, you know, talk.

Also, I'm a real person that has feelings, in case you didn't know. Instead of calling the comic boring, take your time to type more than a few words and actually explain why and how you would fix that, because I'm not a perfect person. You have no idea how fucking angry you just made me right now, thank you so much.

I work so hard on this comic, and lately I've been getting very few comments and many are negative. At this rate, I might just give up in the middle because people will actually celebrate that 20 Times Kirby is over, thank god because it was a mess.
meta knight who would have guessed wow

Yeah, I wanted to try a different beginning for the story.
plan, plan, plan, and ask for help

Hey, the second draft of the written remake of this comic is up if you want to check it out. See my first comment in this post:
hello the second draft of the written version of this comic was posted here in a sticky comment if you want to check it out