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Here in SJ I used to be a reader and an author, but now I'm just an author. I tried going back to reading comics at some point, but I just completely lost interest for some reason.
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Thanks, and I don't know either to be honest, but it might be because most pages are full of dialogue and not too much action. But then, even those could have different sized panels. I guess it's a matter of making it an habit (and let's see if I can do that now).
Nothing to see here, go home everyone.
Also, if you noticed already, I'm trying to see if I can make panels of different sizes on pages more often, let's see how that goes. If you think that's not working or have some suggestions, feel free to say so.
(please don't turn the comments section into a discussion of this game only thanks)
What a nice, blue sky.
Whoo, 900 pages! And the end of this chapter, yes. But unlike what I do basically at the end of all chapters, I'll post a short comment. (And I couldn't think of anything really special for this page... Sorry!)
Don't worry, next you'll truly see the end coming close, it will be a lot more obvious than it was during this chapter. I guess Only a Matter of Time was a transition chapter; it had some recaps, revealed some small things, and set up some last things. Maybe calling it the first chapter of the end isn't quite right, but...
Fun fact: this chapter and the next were meant to be only one chapter, but I split it in two after I finished the planning of this page, it made a lot of sense and was at a number divisible by 10 too! Originally, this one long chapter was going to be named after the next chapter, "Only a Matter of Time" only came after I made the split. And gladly, I could make tons of title drops! ...In fact, the names of the last chapters will all be punny. Sorry not sorry. :P
Hopefully the following chapters won't be confusing either! I've been working pretty hard on that, and that means sometimes dropping some of my original ideas in favor of ones that make more sense, or feel less "forced". This is no easy task quite honestly, but I hope it all works at the end!
And lastly, if you already miss the alternate XXIs, don't worry! Like I said some pages ago, I would never bring them back to have them do nothing important. Of course, I can't explain much, but I'll just say that this isn't the last time in the comic that you'll see them. Wait and see!
So yeah, this is it! Finally, I'll start the actual end. I'll see you guys next chapter!
lol idk a different page or something
bye alternate XXIs
ahhh these long pages take a good while to be made but they're basically over for now
Spicy chocolate is a thing... Probably.

It's more because it's very convenient that Raven would be able to calm down Dana with a special type of paint she just happens to have. Mainly when there's no indication in the game that the Paint Ability can control emotions...

Also, it goes to show that Dana CAN indeed calm herself down if she really wants to.
when your last wish is to kick your counterpart to see if they'll find you scarier
Time for some few pages with random stuff, with some little foreshadowing too of course
I wasn't so sure if I should've always focused on Kirby or not, but at the end I decided to. Hope that works.

Huh, I'm not sure why I'm amazing, but thanks!

Yes, it was mentioned here:
Yes, they are giving up.
No, the alternate XXIs won't just go and that's it. Trust me. I would never bring them back to have them do nothing important.
Next page will have more information too.
Honestly, I wasn't originally planning on having Kirsy reveal what exactly she was doing, I would have her hide it just like she did with the others. However, when writing the script for this page, I figured out she trusts Kirby enough to finally tell him about this, given the context here, and that you, the readers, could get one revelation too, I bet you want some. Sure, I didn't give all the details about this, but I did reveal the main thing, and I guess that can make you guess some other things. Yes, in the near future, this will be explained better, don't worry.

Stamina here is supposed to be basically your physical strength, like when you run a lot and get tired: you used your stamina almost to its limit, and you have to restore it a bit by stopping to run and waiting. This was really the better term I could find for this, I hope you get the idea. (For a recent game example, think of the Stamina Wheel in Breath of the Wild.) And no, this is not supposed to be some sort of life-force energy, that would be too overpowered. Still, if you want more clarification about this all, ask me and I'll try my best to explain.

I guess this is what I get for not having a chapter focused on Luke.

But he's in character. The thing here is that he cares about Larry as a friend, and so he was valuing that private conversation. Then Kirby just decided that he would spy them anyway, even though Luke had said he shouldn't moments ago... Bam, angry, maybe even a bit too much (as Larry pointed out).

His energetic nature is still here (probably more obvious last page), and being energetic doesn't mean you're always happy or something like that, it just means that, that you're energetic. Even outgoing, a word I use a lot to describe him, doesn't always mean happy, or never serious about everything. You know, why do you think he's the one who took the lead for this, not Leo, not Larry?

In short, this may not how I often show him acting, but it is still his character. A good character isn't a predictable one, that always acts the same way no matter the situation, it's a character that acts different ways in different situations, but depending on their traits, their actions vary. Still, their core trais are most of the time visible anyway. Just like real people!
Kirby sure has been a collision magnet lately.