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Not the best page what I have made.. ^^'
And next page will come soon! :>
Chapter 1 END

I tried new coloring style! Is it better than before? Or should I color next time like before? ^^'
@+GFF+: Ihana kuulla~~ Jatkan tätä sarjista aina kun vain pystyn (。・v・。)
Merry late Christmas!
Hope you all like it ( ´ ▽ ` )
I'm sorry! T^T
It's been about 5 month since I make page 25....

Anyway! Now I'll try draw more this comic! :'D
Sorry, no updates next two weeks D:
@Snowwater: Thank you~ (♡ ╹◡╹ ♡)
Riina is a character created by my friend
(, but Minami is mine~
These two girls however belong to the most popular girls of the school.
No new comic page this week ^^'
Page 20!
Sorry, I make next page better!
@Snowwater: Thank you very much! (。◕‿◕。)
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@WampirekSama: Thank you so much! (≧◡≦)
New page! Hope you guys like it! :D
This comic is interesting and I like your backrounds. So I'm waiting for the next update~ :)
@Andrea C.Castro: Thank you so much for the comment! And I like to try read your comic~
@LinnHansen: Haha, that's probably right. English ain't my native language, so there might be quite a few of mistakes like that around. Thanks for letting me know!
Sorry, I make next page better ^^'
@OcreRouge: Thank you for the comment, it was nice to hear that you like my drawing style and yup, I used for that page inspiration from Toradora. :>
I made again 2 pages~~ :>