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I enjoy Reading Books. Like, all of them. Written Ideas in their most raw form are called idea stories (go figure) and while they tend to not have depth, they do, without a doubt, have feeling and power in their subsequent writing. Nothing pleases me more than reading a story (usually fantasy) and seeing a completely original concept in its incipient stage, ready to burst its seams with the intensity of its fervor. To sum up, I like the concepts behind a writer, the thoughts and ideas that make the story.
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I knew it!
Pokeface needs to be related to kahn or even Atticus in some way as opposed to being a Gary who learned how to use social skills, Which I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be.
Gasp and gazemazement
I didn't get to read this as soon as it came out... I went "Off the Grid" this weekend and got back just at the end of MLK day. It's good to get away sometimes. In returning to the topic that matters, yes those are some beastly claws (See what I did there?) and I believe it to be "The greatest critic is yourself" which makes you hate the face. Have a great week and best of luck with life.
Happy New Year!
And thanks for posting so it came out after midnight. It was perfect to celebrate and then come back to hit the pillow only to notice... A new page!!! Brilliant! I'm looking forward to getting back to my classes. To a degree. Kinda... Hmm... I WISH BREAK WAS LONGER!!!!!
PokeFace: "Atticus Blacked Out!"
Atticus: " Why would I go unconscious just because I lost?.... Oh... Don't hit too hard and make sure to leave my cigs and cash in with ME okay?"
PokeFace: "Yeah, totally." *Loud SFX*
I love how the mask guy corrects Atticus by telling him that it only fainted. "umm, it ain't dead, it just fainted..." and Atticus rolls with it.
Flipside of a Coin
The creation of this page marks a greater level of happiness in the universe, I shall wait with great anticipation for the next post and the beginnings of world peace due to overflow of joy on my part. Or Christmas. One of those.
And yes, the third panel has the greatest expression evar. Have a good break!
Of course he realized DT's worth! It makes high level trainers wanna battle him! He can exploit this is the near future! Hooray for the coming smackdown on pokeface, I hope Atticus can actually fight...
A wolf?
Brilliant! Now you can save it and get put in the paper and be well known! Or, you know, hey, a free dinner. Depends on your budget I guess. Amazing job with the color, i still prefer the otherwise though.