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Sorry for my bad english, I'm french C:
Finally a new update ! :D Sorry for taking so much time, M-iikado has been quite busy recently. A friend helped me for the english translation (if you read that, thank you darling !) . I hope it will be understandable !

The chapter 4 is now completely over, I can't wait to start working on the fifth ! :)
See you soon !
Two pages in a day, 'cause I'm a generous person... \o/
It has been a long time !
(Sorry for my terrible english, I haven't practise in a while...)

I'm more or less sorry for that unexpected hiatus. But I think I've need it anyway. That year was extremely tiring since my school is quite far from my home, it took me almost 2 hours to come to it. In addition to my work, I didn't have time/motivation for the comic.
Then, unfortunately, I have no holidays this summer, I need money and have to work, but at least I have more time for drawing. I recently moved in a small appartement, therfore I don't have the internet, except when I return at my mom's house. I will do whatever I can, but for the moment, the updates won't be really regular. At least I can work again on that comic, it makes me so happy !

So here there is the extra of chapter 4, about Demeter :). M-iikado still working on chapter 5, I hope we will be able to show it to you soon.

Even if I'm doing it for fun, that comic is quite important for me and it's really a pleasure to work with a girl as wonderful as my lovely partner C: So thank you, really, if you still read us and like that comic ^___^
Han la salooooope D: Pauvre Gaël, faut pas qu'il se laisse faire ;3;
(Paul ! C'est le moment d'arriver sur ton beau cheval blanc et d'occire ce malotru ! )
@crazylupus: Ah ben tant mieux ^.^!
Owi, paul qui rage \o/

Sinon, tu as pu t'en sortir pour le clean de ta page ? :3 ça m'a l'air plus propre que d'habitude.
Punaise Paul, c'est la règle pourtant : ne JAMAIS se prendre une cuite dans un boy's love sous peine de lendemains confus \o/ C'est la base pourtant xD

ça fait plaisir sinon de retrouver le webcomic, en espérant voir de nouvelles planches très vite :3
Aaaaand finally, the end of the fourth chapter ! \o/ I started it more than a year ago, I'm glad I'm finally done with it ;w;

Anyway, I hope you liked it though ! ^__^

Next week, new pages of Meanwhile in Olympus ! M-iikado has her midterm exam in a few time, she'll try to work on the writing of the next chapter as soon as she can !
Merry christmas and happy new year to all of you ! <3
December 19th, 2013
(Bonjour !)

Je viens de découvrir ta BD, c'est un coup de cœur ! C'est très joli, les textes sont bien écrits et l'histoire promet pour le moment :3
Pis j'aime bien ton style de dessin, il est simple mais très sympa !

Bref, continue comme ça ! :D
December 8th, 2013
Les deux dernières planches sont vraiment très belles, l'émotion y est carrément palpable.
Du très beau boulot, bravo ! (et mention spéciale à la page couleur !)
@crazylupus: Il cherche encore des arguments face à cette situation complètement improbable, mais les dieux (en particulier Cupidon) en ont un peu rien à foutre de la logique et du raisonnement \o/

Et j'ai réussi à m'avancer pour les planches, je devrais pouvoir finir tout mon boulot sans trop m'en soucier x)

Et merci ! Bon courage à toi aussi :3
2 months ago, I started my second year in my art school, and from that day, my life can be summurazied in two words : work and sleep OTL. (well, I started watching Game of Thrones, maybe it's also an explicanation for the lack of updates...\o/)

But, good news, I finished the last pages of the 4th chapter (which I started drawing in the middle of summer, so they're quite old...) and I should be able to make more updates now :)

So, here's a new page. The next one will be posted as soon as possible :3
@M-iikado: C'est de la persécution ! ;A;
@Dita-san: Je t'emmerde ma douce ! ;D
September 28th, 2013
J'adore la tête de Gaël dans la dernière case :3
September 11th, 2013
bwarf, t'en fais pas pour les abonnés, ça arrive souvent x)
September 11th, 2013
Cet étrange moment quand tu te réveilles à poil avec ton pote en train de dormir sur ton ventre... \o/
September 9th, 2013
Très joli planche ! (haaan, on a vu les nichons de Paul *__* )
Nan, sérieusement, très sympa !

Et c'est normal si j'ai un mauvais pressentiment sur ce qu'il va retrouver à côté de lui dans son lit ? 8)
I have no excuse for the lack of updates this time, I was just lazy \o/