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Age: Ancient.
Place: UK.
Accent: Not what most consider British.
Orientation: Non-existant.
Likes: Smex, males, males in compromising positions, bondage, heat, warmth, sleeping, tea.
Hates: WOMEN, boobs, vagina, hetero things, Cold, Snow, Britain, Raisins, sultanas and currants (seriously? it's like biting into a maggot that bursts in your mouth... yuck).
Common mood: Ranty, angry.
Uncommon mood: Happy.
Can be won over by: Cup of lemon juice.
You're strange: I know.

Other art sites:
dA: Luperus
fA: Luperus_D
Y!: Luperus
AdvancedAnime: Luperus
Fanart Central: Noir_FFVII
  • Real Name
    Lulu Drakonite
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Yikes.... poor RandomVillager#1 XD that's karma for knocking down the birdies I guess ^^;
In the second panel.... do I spy something gold poking out of the tree on the far left? o3o
*posts under right name this time* :P

I'm going to hate myself for this later.... but he looks almost friendly there....


When he's not on a killing frenzy...
Ohnoes D: looks like he wasn't expecting that at all... poor kid D: did he get kablammed?

He looks like he was expecting a sword instead of an energy blast :( poor kid
Poor kiddo D: I want to sweep him away and growl at Manlyswirls for him XD *clucks like mother hen*
Oh my, that is quite the murderous look D: poor kid...
Well he -was- just in an apple tree... he was just doing a little bit of scrumping :(
There appears to be a stalker crane in the fog waiting to pounce 8O!! watch out guys!! XD
I like how the skin tones seem to getting darker from left to right XD it amused me.
Poor lady.

At least it's just his attitude that's ugly and stinks... still mentally destroying for her though :(

This coming from the one who doesn't even -like- female characters XD
"and payment begins now! *points at lady* you first! *lunge*"
'*kiddy jumps in front of* nooooooooooooo~!!'
"A child is a fine appetiser too >)"
'o_O oshi-'
I love how in the 6th panel the jug seems to be saying 'yes' and agreeing with everyone who spoke that panel XD;

Silly Agreeable-Jug...