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For those of you without a vague sense of the Japanese language, I am "Fall Child" and/or "Child of Fall". You may call me whatever you wish, really. It only means I was born in the fall...
I am an aspiring comic book artist from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I am currently a high school senior and looking into going to an arts college next fall to further my knowleged and know-how in the craft. Hopefully one day, I shall be the new crack - addictive, and menacing on society!
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February 18th, 2011
So... Yeah... Creepy.
At first, I just wanted Brian to walk in on Jamie and Jill, with Jill covered in ketchup or something and Jamie just passed out, but I thought this would be funner. (Plus, you'd all get a better tour of Jill's home in YoLand)
The bunny dolls in Brian's hands was made by Jill. As Brian says, she makes a lot of dolls and a good lot of them are really creepy. This won't be the last doll you see in the series, and it won't be the last you see in the next few "Quest"s. So, enjoy.
February 16th, 2011
So, here's this Wednesday's update...
And I just realized the comic for Saturday totally didn't show up at first.
Anywho, the retreat over the weekend went really well... Until I lost my damn flash drive! Dx<
So, I'm at a loss... I honestly hate life right now... My LIFE was on that damn thing and it's somewhere between here and Oakland.
But, good news. I've had a few really good things come my way, things which I will reveal very soon. ;)

This Wednesday, I've decided to throw Brian back into the plot by giving him an urgent phone call from Jamie from Jill's place.
Now, Jill's place... Yes Jill lives in an abandoned yogurt shop called "YoLand". Why Jill and Jamie wandered around town to get there when Jill and Brian's work is right by her home?
The music store was across town, of course!
How'd Jill get there?
She drove!
Where's her car?
Oh shit, what Saturday will hold... xP
xD Nice!
Yey, for the first piece of Artist's Roulette. You two, rock! <3
February 11th, 2011
Hey, everybody. so here's this Saturday's update.
I honestly don't have a lot, a lot to say about it except trying to cram making a single page of comic, plus homework, plus packing luggage for the weekend is just... ugh... I need to go to bed... D x
So, here's this Wednesday's update...
I kind of realized that next to uber Christian bashing, I may also have a fondness of placing proposed penile mutilation into these strips. Haha...
So, here's this Saturday's update.
This weekend, we find that Jill's party is being hosted at a dead man's house! : O
Funny thing, this totally happened. I actually had a friend whose grandfather passed away a while ago, but the family still kept the property, so he rented it out to a friend for the birthday rager and later to me for an "end of the school year" celebration. My party went well-ish... Nothing paranormal, definitely. Just stupid teens being, well... Stupid teens...
When I was cleaning up, however, everyone had left me alone and I SWEAR TO BOB, I totally heard an old man groan and something crash. I was OUT OF THERE.
And according to the other friends, their party was extremely eerie and everyone was feeling scared.
So, yeah... As you can see, Jill and Jamie are in the woods. Where are they going? Wouldn't you like to know?
Oh, and to the folks back home in EC, FRIDAY WILL NEVER COME! Bwahahaha! >x D
February 1st, 2011
So, here we are with our new, twice a week schedule and our "first" Wednesday update! : D
This week, Jill talks about her living conditions and her past.
I feel like I've been bashing uber Christians at the moment... Hm... Probably should stop that in a bit...
Anywho, enjoy folks!
I have way too much time on my hands and very little to care about in class, apparently.
*sigh* What a grump! x D
Everyone, meet Seth.
January 27th, 2011
Hey, all!
I really just need to stop finishing these so early in the week. I finished this, litterally, Monday morning in my photography class and I've been bored shitless since (Of course, I've gotten to work on next week's strip and, of course, work for my other project(s) ; 3) I'm thinking of maybe updating twice a week, now? Maybe Wednesdays at, like, 8? How does that sound to folk? Good? Bad? Feedback? I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!

Anywho, this week, Jamie reveals a bit about his family life - namely how everyone in his household believes he is the spawn of Satan.
For the next few weeks, I'm going to be doing a bit of back story for Jill and Jamie (who are currently my favorite characters of the lot, if you haven't noticed... Like, Greg, Ricky, and Brian have shown up, like, once... Zoe twice... You haven't even MET Rosie... It's pretty obvious which two characters I'm lovin' right now), all to lead you up to the epic PARTY this "Friday". (spoiler alert)
Dear Bob, I have all these ideas just churning in my head. I feel like it may soon explode. x D

Anywho, I'd like to give y'all a heads up that I may be gone the weekend of the 11th-13th of February. I'm going on a retreat and I'm not entirely sure if I'll have internet access and even less likely access to a scanner. I'll ATTEMPT to load a few pages early, just as I have been these past couple of weeks (because Saturdays now seem to either be my busiest or most pass-outtiest day of the week lately, and I feel I need to be a bit more prepared) I honestly don't see much of a hinderance upon your viewing pleasure, so no need to trip. Just FYI.

So, yeah. That's pretty much it. Enjoy!
January 25th, 2011
Ha.. Beautiful. x D
Would you believe me if I told you I got this done on a Wednesday? ;D
So... For whatever reason, I managed to get to work on this week's update really early in the week and just kept working and working and... Well... As I write this it's actually Hump Day. xD
All for the best. I have some filthy liberal activism I've got to get to this noon! (Ah... I love hanging out with my "redneck" friends... Just so... Understanding of my "leftist agenda". ; P )
Also this is probably one of the last stress-free comics I'm going to have done in a while. Starting next month, I'm going to be juggling a butt load of gunk such as Comic Book Club (and our SECOND ISSUE of our zine, "Hodge Podge"), scholarship apps (BTW, I got accepted! Clap for me, damn it!), other wonderful comics here on lovely, lovely SmackJeeves (Y'all should check out "Patterson or Bust" and/or "Artist's Roulette"... When something actually gets posted up there. x D), and a possible FULL LENGTH comic (that I'm keeping hush hush for now)... Not to mention a retreat I'll be going to mid-February and a trip to Japan in June. Fun, fun, fun. Ah well... I have plenty of time in AP Japanese to throw a little ink and pencil around. (Kidding!)

Anywho, in this week's update, we find Jill and Jamie at a local music store, but something's amiss... Doesn't Jill have work?!

(Note: I'm actually thinking of starting the actual plot-y stuff here. No more stupid, cruddy gags! Just a stupid, cruddy story from here on out. AND OF COURSE IT'S STARTING SO CLOSE TO THE PARTY! From here on out, I hope to shock you with my drama and make you want to punch me in the face with my inappropriately placed "comedy".)

So... Yeah...
Enjoy guys...
Poor Kojo! Dx
Aww... He has everything he needs but friendship! Poor guy.

Hey, guys! AkiNoKo here. This is probably, like, my first comment on this entire comic. Drawing for this, so far, has been pretty freakin' sweet. In my honest opinion, all of you are in for a real treat! (My amusement with that rhyme is too much to bear. x D )
Anywho, enjoy, because that's what it's really all about. Expression and enjoyment.
January 15th, 2011
I love this comic the more and more I read. :3
January 14th, 2011
Go, Threatened Graphic Mutilation! Go!
So, here's this weeks update... ON TIME! (lol, early, actually. By the time you read this, I'll probably either be in a food coma or still asleep. ;P )
Anywho, this week we introduce a few things. First, there's GREG. Greg is Ricky's best bro, for those of you who didn't know; Brian's cousin; and totally digs Zoe... Maybe.
Secondly: HOLY FISH PASTE! That chick has a name! Yes, it's Zoe, Jamie's little sister. For those of you who don't remember, Jamie was that one kid talking to Jill ALL THE WAY IN THE FIRST COMIC! Zoe and Jamie's relationship as brother and sister will be depth-a-fied in strips to come... Maybe.
Last, Jill throws parties... Apparently... Originally, I wanted it to be Rosie's party, but y'all don't know her yet, do you? ;P

January 10th, 2011
Ah, Venting...
Alright. So, in this week's update, we're introduced to Brian, Jill's classmate and co-worker. Where do they work? Who knows!? You don't... Yet. ;P

PS *Jedi Powers* I did not update rather late.
January 6th, 2011
So, here's my make up comic for the super late update earlier this week/last week. Enjoy, guys. :3
Woah... New Years Eve was just so...

So, sorry for this late update. I've honestly been passed out all of yesterday at my sister's boyfriend's house after celebrating New Years. Had a lot of fun. Got home just this morning with a fever and passed out all day.

This week to make up for it, I'll be giving and extra update on Wednesday. :)
December 25th, 2010
Merry Christmas! xD
Merry Christmas, one and all!
So, between Midnight Mass, Chistmas Eve dinner, drawing for other projects, tech training, and back yard sight seeing with a bestie, I finally finished this around 4 AM. xD
December 18th, 2010
It Begins...
Hey there, folks. So here's the first of many of my new series, Jam Time!.
Here characters Jamie and Jill are walking down the halls, Jill musing about what kind of message they ought to send to you, the reader now that they'll be "famous". ;)