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I know that feel.
Aw, I hope things get better soon~.

Also, I LOVE his hair :D
Yes, yes, become one of us! Join the herd!

Also wtf you guys don't have cutie marks :|
This comic. It's so much win. @_@
Me reading this comic:

*Stares at the top panel for a long time to take in the superior drawing skills*

*scrolls down to second panel*

Wait.. I read my comment again and i'm not even sure if I said what I meant.. I meant to say that the meme face made it better.. Is it the same the way I phrased it? ^^;
This wouldn't have been nearly as awesome if weren't for the meme face. xD
Rage faces make everything better, hur hur.
Hola xD
Yay! An update!

...Your style is cool and unique o3o
Lol, that's awesome. xD :3
Updates make me happy. Keep doing that. :3
3 in a row! :D Yay~ happy times!
Wow, nicely placed exclamation points in panel 3 xD
D'aww, little!Kero is so cute~ :3
Pants are needed.
Eee I love this comic so much >:3