I'm Alienoid, though on other accounts I often go by Saero/AlienoidNovace.
nova + novice

I mostly work with sprites but do art sometimes too. Nnnot that I post much of it.

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Definitely a contender for one of my favourite comics on this website. The humour was amazing, the art is adorable, and I'm definitely gonna miss this comic. But hey, best of luck with whatever you take a spin at next and keep up the amazing work!
He's a part of the Meowthfia.
I like that bottommost ghost in the last panel. They seem like a swell spirit.

Hey! Super stoked to have you back, even for a little while.

One thing possibly worth noting is that the font seems a bit small? I dunno if sizing it up is an option but I feel like it could stand to grow just a little bit to make the font a little clearer.
You killed off my character with a pun.

Have my children.
Telepathically order Epicut Man to enter the castle and dig a hole for you.
Retrieve arms from castle, posthaste.
Considering the fact that a 10 year old trainer who's been battling for, what, a few days or possibly weeks, could just stroll in and take the champion's title, I'm surprised more champions aren't born more often.
He's going to Oaklahoma.
You forgot to score it. That's why you were woken up, right? To give the cat a score for the jump??
I mean, little kids did form crushes on her from her voice alone. Makes sense to me.
@HaikenEdge: Well, folks, looks like we got a Rocket grunt on our hands, here.
@Surfersquid: Dang it, you beat me to the punch. Darn you.
Alternatively, he was a smash hit in the sky diving business.
Well someone's a little jealous in panel nine.

Is it nine? Ten? Does the banner thing up top count?
What a handy technique.
How dare you. Bulbasaur is more than a 'thing'. He is a friend. Cherish Bulbasaur or suffer the consequences.
Wow, way to use a super effective move on Rod, you jerk.
If anyone asks me what my personality is like I'll just show them the chaotic 'DOO doo doo DOO DOO DOO doo doo doo doo's at the very start.
At least this guy isn't, kidding himself.