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You can call me Reddo or Hoshi if you'd like. I'm a professional ikememe.
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i had to rewrite this curse college net
@Captain Ghost: Yeah, same here, pretty much... I mean, I have an art blog, but I barely use it, so... sweats. But eh, skype~? Wanna swap skypes- if that's okay orz
Concrete, hm... Yeah, that seems like a good way to describe it! Your style's gotten a lot stronger from what I can see in the nuzlocke!
Ah, I love when that happens. It's like huh? I took a few months off drawing and now I can draw hands? RAD

(looking at old art makes me want to burn...)

And gosh, I can't even imagine working on something like that for so long... I have immense respect for you, man. Just... Wow, that sounds so competitive and time consuming. *^*
It sounds really nice, though...! I can't even picture myself being in something competitive, much less that long... Just wow...!

AND JEEZ 10-30 seconds for sketching? I take that long just to start drawing a face (I'm a kind of slow / picky drawer). Here's hoping you get faster, though! I'm pretty sure that inking is the bane of every artist's existence...
@Captain Ghost: Same here! Plus it's kind of hard to find good new books after leaving the book scene for a while...

I have both! Though I mostly just use tumblr or skype ww I'd be happy to share, though! My style hasn't changed much in essence, so I'll prolly disappoint though...

And oh my gosh that's really impressive--! You must have a lot of dedication to get through that, wow. Hats off to you, good captain! Do you have fun doing those~?
@Captain Ghost: Coolio tulio!! I read a lot of it (back when I still got to buy books orz) but I've never really had the brains to RP or write it... Woops

I'll try! It might not work but HEY at least I made an attempt? (I'm sure zelda comic forgives youuu-!)

Same here~. If I have to focus on one thing all the time, I eventually run out of ideas for it... Which is why I have 10000 ideas! /shot

Thank you much~ I'm actually in the process of drawing Ash again just to see how it goes (style changes many things... mostly hair and the new presence of noses woops)

I'm glad you've been managing so well! ww stay strong and survive, my friend! (Though... When do you have super strict deadlines? sorry sorry)
@Captain Ghost: Hm... Probably something fantasy-like, depending on the ideas I get!

Wah, really? Thank you...! I might try to continue this and also do a new one, just to see which seems to be the better path...

Oof, yeah, tell me about the guilt part... Shifts away nervously =v=;;; but it's good that it makes you happy! Better than stressed, that is~
@Captain Ghost: I'm really happy you remember me! And I'm glad you're glad, ahaha. Yeah, it's been a little while, to say the least--
And I don't think it's been stale-! As I was catching up on your comic I was really happy to see things like how your line quality has improved ww
I've actually been considering continuing mine, actually! That, or starting a new one, though I can't decide what to do... Though looking at how long you've managed to keep working on yours makes me motivated to try!
( ยด ◡ ` )
Wah, you've improved so much since the last time I was on smackjeeves ww it's really cool to see that you're still continuing your comic!!
@Windmill Key: Glad to make ya happy :>
And nah, that charmander's not a mutant. It suits your style well! :D
All my 'bawwwwsss :>'
And I have a friend I (used to) call Pepper! :D But he's not very friendly anymore.
That Charmander = all my love
And the fact that it's a charmander
Is just
((This doesn't make any sense, does it? xD ))
January 28th, 2012
That smile OwO
It's so adorable
I literally got chills.
Draw Charlie being terrorized. By Lucy! Hehehe
Ah, I am, and I actually have a few pages done. I had been having family problems, then our scanner broke. I'm thinking of just taking photos, posting them, and putting up the better quality ones once the scanner is fixed.
Plus I made a few tweaks to the plot hehe
I love the way you panel your pages (is that the right way to say it? I don't know haha). Your coloring is very, very pretty as well!
Is there any time limit, or is it possible to order whenever...?
December 19th, 2010
And it got sent because he defended himself from a doughnut.