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Ok, something like, near when she was introduced, I was one of the dudes with the 'she's a total supporter' scenarios (I was LordMoyashi)... The outcome is scary BUT... OASIS WE LOVE YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!
@Shubbabang: XD We have a ride like that here in Australia too =D It's called the Rotor, definitely trippy =D
XD Toru got told~!
Sorry about the slow update XD Page took me two days (TAFE interfered XD) and on top of that my friend stayed over XD So I couldn't update it til now XD
Page 10~!
I'm back!
After a month of break, I have finally gotten back to updating CP!! Don't be surprised if I upload another page, or even two, today, as I'm real bored and I am in a manga mood~!
Again, sorry for the large hiatus! ;A; But rest assured, CP's back to stay~!!
Hahaha, I almost forgot to submit this today actually ><
Well here's page 8~ As you can probably tell, yes, my style has changed >< Not by alot but still ><
And don't mind if it warps a bit in the next few pages, I wanna experiment with the eyes and toning a little bit >< If it doesn't change (the style), it means I just decided to keep it as is ><
*feels proud of first panel* When I started CP, I wasn't able to do that, so I'm very proud of how it turned out ><

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Haha, I was taking a break thanks to the flu >< My immune system is terrible, the minute I catch somethign it takes twice as long to get rid of it >< I'm still suffering minor symptoms, and it's been two weeks ><
However I plan on keeping a faster update schedule now that I'm mostly better ;p

lol, yes, everyone but Tsuki there are girls, the one next to Tsuki is his little sister, Amaya >< You might remember her from a flashback panel in c01 ;p

=D Go you~! (Love the icon BTW~ *fan of KaiLen*)
Random fans: =.=; That's it?
Me: ;A; What's wrong with it?
Random fans: You haven't updated in a week, and then you give up this slack page? >O YOU DISSAPPOINT ME! A WEEK WAIT FOR THIS!
Me: :A; *emo corner* Death... Doom... Despair... ;A;

XD Sorry about the long wait, it seems the flu was more stubborn that I thought >< It's only just going away now, and I've still got small symptoms of it >O
However now that the flu is mostly gone, I do hope to get back to my daily update schedule of CP~! Wee~!

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I know ><

XD This is the first comic that ever breached this far into C02 XD Which is a feat so I don't intend of stopping CP ;A;

@stupidpsycho <- there's adding to favs >< I didn't notice you couldn't fav it ;A; I should get around to changing the template soon ><
XD lol, really?? Hahaha XD

@BananaMuffinPop (C02 003)
XD Indeed
Sorry about slow updates guys >< Lifes been going on, and I've been running on a low for CP at the moment (DO NOT THINK I WILL KILL THIS NEVAAAAAAAH Just gunna slow down for a bit, should be back to daily updates when I get back into my normal mind state ><) plus I've been hanging out with my GF and talking to her as much as I can, which is taking up a lot of my time (not that I'm complaining ).
SO~ I'll probably move it to a update every 2-3 days schedule for now, but when I get back into my normal productive high mood, I'll put it back up to daily >< Hope you guys don't mind~
On a brighter note, you might have noticed I changed my way of doing hair slightly, tone-wise and normal with the woman >< I've decided to neaten it up and simplify it, if you guys don't mind ;p

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Hehehehe, Of course =D I can't help but love drawing CP and all it's cast >< It always takes priority over everything lse, which sucks sometimes if I wanna start a new comic or something, cus they never leave script stage since alot of my time is spent on CP >< TsuKei~~ <3

Haha, Kai's the smarter one of the two I'd have to say >< But obsession blinds his brains ><

Hahahaha, I don't even grace my school with that privilege ^.^;;
Soory for not updating in the last few days, since right after Supanova, I got smacked in the face by the dreadful thing called the flu, so bad I was bed-ridden all of yesterday -.-;; it hit me about an hour or two after I didn't that twitchy sketch ><
I'm still rather ill, actually >< but I was able to recover enough (for some reason night time gives me some kind of temporary cure) to finish this page from sketching it yesterday >< It's not that good, but remember, I'm flu-ridden ATM ><
Not to mention *grins* since Supanova sunday, I now have a very awesome and adorable girlfriend >< Scary isn't it? The mangaka hermit gets a partner >< *grins* Sucks how I got sick right after though ;A;
Well if I'm well enough, she'll be visiting tomorrow >< Yay~~! >< And if she sleeps over, I might not update tomorrow night as a result ^.^; So expect slower updates for about a week or so -/.\-

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hehehehe >< Kai's adorable like that ><

Hahaha, Kai belongs in a straight jacket >< He's probably the craziest character out of Costume.Play ><

PFFT! LOL XD *pets twins* Sorry, but your school bell has been out-done by the dying duck >< PFFT!

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;A; I haven't found it yet, but chapter 2 has been recovered, and it's about as long as chapter 1 was, so that's a relief >< I've got like a month or so as a result to get back ahead in the script ^.^

;A; It wasn't there *searched madly* but a minor setback like this will not stop CP! >O

*burning eyes* I can't believe you got to meet Allen Walker's VA!!!! >O He's my second fav DGM character beside Kandaaaaa!! *D.Gray-tarded**emo corner with stick* At least I got to meet Kanda's VA, though I wish I could meet Allen's too ;A; Damn u for being an isolated continent, Australia
I. Am. An. IDIOT.

There's a problem - a BIG problem! I think I might have lost my USB at Supanova AND IT CONTAINED THE SCRIPT FOR COSTUME.PLAY AND I HAVE NO OTHER COPIES!!! CRAAAAAAAAAP! I really hope I didn't just misplace it or something because it means I'll have to write the script all over again!

I am VERY sorry guys, honestly! ;A; I can't believe I'd do such a stupid thing! And I was too busy hanging out with my gf and fangirling epically over the world's best manga/anime D.Gray-Man with my younger self (There was a first uniform!Allen there and I was third uniform!Allen, and we spent like an hour fangirling over DGM and Yullen ><) ><

However I was able to recover from an older file on my comp the rest of chapter 2, so there won't be a hiatus, however anything I've promise for the story's future so far will be re-arranged and shifted into the new script so let me just warn you that it may seem a bit 'bumpy' due to the incorporation of the new replacement script ^.^ However apart from that, I hope you continue to read and like Costume.Play!! =D
Hehe, Kai scares all when in evil puppet mode ><
Hehe, at least he has Keito's best intresests in mind... sort of ^.^;; Thank gods I never had a sibling like Kai, otherwise I'd still be suffering in hell school ><
As for 'hell-room', they call it that because they have a hellish roll call/homeroom teacher >< You'll meet her at either chapter 4 or 5 >< She's funny ><

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lol k

Hahaha =D He'll defintely be back >< and Kai just can't control himself, unfortunately for Kei ><
*sweatdrop* Oops, I made it look like Kei was practically screaming 'bloody murder' in the last panel >< Oops 9.9 6.6 ^.^;
Anyway, scene finished Yeah, twas a short scene ;A; Unfortunately this will be the last time you see them in cosplay for a while ;A; However, don't despair! There shall be lovely fluffy TsuKei in the next few chapters Tsu's such an easy-to-embarrass person ><

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Kei's defintely the smarter one of the two >< Kai is smart, just easily blinded by hit brother complex ^.^;

@Oku37 for WAY back at C01 P007
Hahaha =D I'm glad you like them >< The D.Gray-Man group's some of my favourite cast members in CP, Aiko (Kanda) especially, cus I love Kanda and he treats Atsuko so adorably~~! >< *AreKan/Yullen fan*
Pwned Kai, Pwned
Silly Kaito >< His over-protective love for his brother seems to have left out tiny detail so Kei so 'kindly' pointed it out to him >< There is a high chance of Tsu liking girls, Kai, however that's just how bisexual hotties like Tsu are ;p

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Haha, cools =D

I know! ><
Woohoo! Time to start CP chapter 2~!
And yes, Kei and Kai both took off their wigs (and some other gear), so as you can see, Kai's hair's a fair bit longer than Kei's >< He likes being a girly boy =3 Also, yes, they didn't bring their hair ties or hair clip (in Kei's case) so that's why they have disheveled hairdos >< And I like drawing Kai with his hair out =3

Oh, yes, from now if you have any questions for myself, or for the characters of CP, click on the link above that says 'formspring' and ask them =D Consider it a fun little RP/etc between you guys and me =D

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>< Then he'll go to the extent of seconds and minutes >< He's a very vry fussy one =D
Hahahaha, just cus Kai doesn't appear to like Tsu (he's in denial, he's actually friends with him like Sasu is with Naru ><) lol ><

LOL >< True *imagines uke!Kai and dies of nosebleed from all the possible pairings*
C02 YAY!
Chapter 2 is here!!!
Hehehe, how fav three boys all look sexy in their school uniforms >< And of course, Kai can't help but wear the female uniform top >< He's cute like that
Hehehe, I'm happy to start off the chapter though And I'm glad with out the C02 cover came out >< Yay for C02!!

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Hahahaha, well then Kai'll start judging by months and days, and if you're on the exact same day and year they were born... Well, he'll find some reason to hate you ><
Chpater 1's finished!! LE GASP!
*falls off chair and slams head on drawing board cus I is cornered lol*
Hahahaha, I'm so happy CP has come this far! Hehehe, I can't wait for chapter 2 >< It's one of my favs >< Though I recently split it into two chapters, so yu could say chapters 2 and 3 are my favs ;A; I split it cus it was as long as this chapter originally, or even longer ><
Yay! They finally gt to shake hands without evil little midget to attack! >O

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Haha, not even DGM's Komui can PWN Kai-chan's brother complex!! ><

Hahaha, Kai's just brother complexed to extremely dangerous levels is all >< But if you're older than Kei, you're a pedo and if you're younger, you're a gold digger to him -.-; No one can escape Kai's pick wrath of protectiveness lol ><
*looks half dead* It's 2am in the morning... this page was very hard to get out... The amount of detail in it just put an extra hour of work onto it, and noww I'm beat from lack of sleep and out-drawing my brain~~!
Hehe, Kai never fails to be adorable >< The minute the picture was taken he latched back into his brother again >< But unfortunately, nature called >< So he got all teary eyed cus he had to leave Kei-chan ;A;
Such a clingy, over-protective older brother... I honestly would hate to be in Kei's position >< Though don't tell Kai I said that ;p

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If he had his way, Kei would never even enter a relationship in his life >< But Pedo shall prevail! >< Pedo = Tsuki in Kai speak lol

Haha, that was just Tsuki running into position >< CP's a slower story so they won't be kissing/etc for a while ><
*falls over* It's hard to believe chapter 1 is almost finished!
Only two-three more pages until we're done with chapter 1, which is exciting >< I'm loving doing this manga, is my most efficient project so far
I hope you liked the double-update, though the other update was like 12 hours ago lol ><

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Haha, I think Kai's over-protective 'touch Kei and die' nature would over-ride his auto love-the-fans mode ><
Sorry about not updating last night >< I just crashed so I couldn't complete it ;A; But I'll be pdating again today to make up for it =D
Hehe, Remember the Naruto clone group I mentioned before?? =D

Comment Replies P025:
=D Cute, ne?

>< Haha, Kai's adorable like that

Comment Replies Random Meme Filler:
Kaito has a very heavy brother complex, and he loves his bro very dearly ><

Hahahaha, yeah >< I bet he'd be a very weird or X-rated drunk >< Kai drunk is something that's just too funny when I think about it ><