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EDIT: Put different page for page seven. Sorry the scene changes suck. ;_;
Thanks for 16+ fans! ;u;
I'll try to finish up a page or two tomorrow. ^u^
@RikkuH: Aaah, thanks! ; w ;
15 fans?!
AMG, I love you guys! ; 3 ; I can't believe this webcomic has reached 15 fans. :' D I'll have to make something special~ >W<
Whew, glad it looks okay. ^^ I thought it be weird, suddenly changing it. ; 3 ;
Sudden style change? ;______;

Yush, now it's all cutsie. *u* I hope no one minds. ;A;'' XD asdfg, thank you! ;A;
April 30th, 2012
asdfghjkl First page and it looks so plain. ;A;

In every version it shows Koichi waking up for some reason...
Oh hey look, a cover...

I can't believe I haven't updated this comic in... three... months? ;A;!! Oh geez, that's long.

But, erm, I'm gonna work on it again now. Yay? ;u;

Oh gosh, I haven't drawn comics in forever. ;o;

EDIT: YAY, I was able to change the background, etc. without completely messing it up. :' D


@LotusQueen: Thanks! :3
D8 Why'd she adopt her is she was going to treat her as such? :C This is exciting, though. What's in store for her? :D
The Heavy's expressions in this page are priceless... xD Mmmm, cake...
Happy New Year! :D The drawing isn't finished yet, but I though "Eh, what the heck". xD Be prepared for some more comic pages in a few hours! :D They'll be about the Wackos characters saying their New Years Resolutions.
For being draw with only MS paint, this looks really good. :D (If you're looking for a free drawing program, you could get GIMP. It's quite easy to use. :D)
D: That wasn't very nice. D:
Awwwwh. xD That's just sad... and funny at the same time! xDDD Poor guy (but then again, he was acting like a jwrk before). xDD
Awwwh. How sweet! >w<
I love the art style! :D The story is very odd and interesting! :D But, it gets a bit confusing at some parts... Anyhow, this story is fantastic, even with the speech being a bit off. :D
Why is it that you can only remember the sea, Katy? Was there something special about it?

(Sorry if I'm doing this wrong, I haven't done this before... Eep. ;w;)
Daniel's reaction... Is priceless! D:< And now they can repopulate the county, ey? xDDD
I got the feeling something amiss was going to happen (all because of the lady's constant frown). xD And I agree with 02321, it'd be interesting. xD