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I'm a person of simple interests, who shamelessly enjoy any possible way of bromance, sismance and anything related to those.

I come from Czech Republic, so forgive me for any possible mistakes in my grammar or spelling.
So this is what kids mean under the term "deal renegotiating" these days, huh.
This animal is definitely a Shiny one. :D
Hello Death, my old friend.
July 31st, 2018
The brother is so adorable and tiny. My heart! It aches for this little baby. How could you sell him Mine???
Oh no, that looks really brutal. The fact that there are traces of blood going down the stairs is very earie, no way you could commit a suicide in such a way - seems we definitely have a murder case on our hands, fellas.
Oh nooo, it's the girl Molle has crush on! D: D:
Holy hell, this was unexpected!
January 11th, 2018
Oh sweetheart, that sucks. :( I sincerely hope you have someone to help you scratch under those casts. I also wish for you to get well soon and when you are healed go easy on yourself! Sending you lotta positive energy and love!
Ha, who sucks at kissing now?!
October 21st, 2017
This is a perfect portrayal of human emotions, thank you for this. (Even though I might cry a little bit for some time now.)
Dunno my dudes, it seems to me that Naoto is falling for Shizu and is interested in Kaoru only because he thinks him to be the Kurogawa he was pinning for. The dream doesn't really mean he is into them both, it was induced by the ambiguousness of Kurogawa and the attraction Naoto feels toward the "one person" he knows is behind it. least IMHO 'cause I root for Shizu real hard lol. :D
The fetish for men wearing black has come from hell to punch Kylee in face once again (or perhaps his asshole cowboy kink?). Makes me wonder: does Kylee like Men in Black movie? :D
Thank you for bringing this comics so far. Your work is original, tremendously hilarious and your art style is very aesthetically pleasing so there's no surprise that many a reader enjoys it greatly. :) And that applies not only to Hero-kun but to your other comics as well (with loving memory of Bocchama :D). So thank you for existing and for doing what you are doing. It's amazing - you are amazing, never forget that. :)
September 27th, 2016
July 22nd, 2016
Aww, Purity Ring is one of the few bands which concert I've ever been to! Loved the show so much, it was super dreamy! <3
Love Aiden's face at the last panel. It's the face of death itself. :D
(Get the hamster, it's not that hard to look after and it will make you and even the tiny floofball that you desire very happy. :)) )
June 18th, 2016
Thank you very much for your kind reply! Haha, yeah, I tend to be na&#239;ve, I believe that every single person has something good in them unless they are downright psychopaths. Hopefully that's not the case here. :D 'm looking forward to find more about the characters.
June 17th, 2016
I am still waiting to see some positive sides of Vivian. Up till now she seems arogant, mean, judgmental (even if she insists otherwise) and, well, not really a likable person. I mean - I can't really see how she would end up in the middle of a nice tight group of friends with the perfect boyfriend by her side. It just doesn't seem realistic to me from reader's (=my) POV. Mostly when all the other characters are big cushy marshmallows. I just... Did I miss something? (Sorry for the rant.)