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Love to draw and watch anime
Im an amateur comic artist so my comics may not be that good but I hope people enjoy them when i start them :D
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    Dean Rogers
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One of them (or more) is gonna die...and I'm not ready ;~;
@The Missingno. Master: but we saw a feraligatr :I
Happy birthday :D
Awwww poor Rat D:
Its ok Rat will shine and become so strong after the next gym :3
Happy Birthday :D
huh I almost forgot who she was looking for until he was mentioned here :O
Her hair looks adorable :3
Demon James yay 8D
James is so going to kill them >:D
my badass senses are tingling
something epic is about to happen 8D
Oh yeah time for a gym leader >:D
this will be awesome!!!
Momiji is kinda awesome
love how hes getting away with it XD
Ow indeed.
Thats all he could say after getting stabbed in the head XD
Oh Ichigo when ur trying to kill someone u dont say sorry :LLLL
This comics good I like it :)
Already found my fav character :)
This is awesome
ur drawings are amazing
OMG your comic is just great
its so funny XD
Aesome cat tattoo 8D
no one messes with Ven-kun XD
Time for demon powers :)
Right in the face!!
Sure hope James wins :)
Fists of justice....oh i see funny times ahead XD
This page is awesome I love Mr Skelly as Jack Skellington and Jessie as a cat XD
the last panel XD LMAO
Oh so close better look next time Doc