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I'm boring and I like drawing but do so poorly. 'Nuff said.
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can't wait till you return. This comic is ftw.
Congrats! I know I speak for all of us when I say we can't wait to see what comes next here. I've been following this webcomic since chapter 2 and (after 2 comp crashes and a move) I'm so happy to see it still running. <3
I love Vin in the last panel. He just looks so great! As always, your art looks wonderful! :heart:
I really need to make these all a specific size. . . :sweat:

But yeah, all huge-ness aside, I really like how this comic turned out. I like Vin in the last panel the most. ^__^
I love your art so much!
Wait. . . I said that already. :sweat:
I just can't get over how wonderful it is.
*marvels over the fingers and other details that I'll never be able to do.*
Sooooo cute!!!!!
He's licking it!! XDDD
Oh!1 That's soo cute!!!
Dog-rats are nummy with bbq sauce. *rubs belly*
You lie! Your teeth drawing skills are l33t!
I really like the "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Part. XP
I lolzed on myself. . .
*shakes head*
Nope, I'm already stalking them. I think that makes me the first fan. ^__^
I finally have the chapter start page up! *dances*

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. <3
Late for work again. . . ><;;;
Another hard to read comic just for you.
Ok, now I'm late for work. . . .

Maybe I should type the script from now on. . .
Your art is the best! I'm an instant fan!
Oh please update soon. ^__^

*adds you to the "stalk list". . . er. . . "favorites list" XP *
Oh I wish I could afford your art. ><
Will you be selling it after someone buys the one piece? *starts saving up*
Damn you rent and bills and min. wage job! *shakes fist*
And I love Nanaki in the last panel.
As always your work is wonderful.
Yeah, I think I was able to turn something REALLY low level (like level 10) into a potion once, but other then that lucky shot it never worked. ><