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I like using Gmod to make pictures.
And playing Team Fortress 2.
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Update sooneth..
@Neon the Sniper Joe: Imagine what the birds are feeling.
Bigger picture of the forth panel:

And this:
The "Faram45" signature had to go somewhere else. O__O
@SpikeInfinity: I don't have the original any more and this was made when my spelling was quite bad.
It moves!
I'll update on monday.
Gmod 13 is quite the visual improvement...
@necrolichmon: I haven't played either.
Press a button, wake up in a weird place.
GMOD 13!
Showcasing the detail of Gmod 13.
I have become quite the Hatsune Miku fan since I was last here so my next pages might introduce a new character...
And I'm back!
The last panel is overly dramatic.
Really random...
@Flygonmaster: It appears an update is required!
I'm tempted to make something random now...
@Neon the Sniper Joe: That's nice.
I'll update tomorrow.
@mega4125: Easier to pose this than a Huge robot with wires everywhere.