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June 12th, 2017
Don't be embarrassed. We all fart when we get stabbed. Or stab someone.
She got the answer she wanted.
Yeah, she's not that sorry.
Back to retail hell! :)
"What Knockers!", to quote a recently deceased actor.
How cheetos-resistant is that pro-gaming keyboard and mouse?
July 24th, 2016
4). Magic genes.
Fel is just too damn efficient!
Don't worry too much about it. That's what RSS and comic aggregators are for.
It always hurts when the connect the nerves.
They love chin rubs!
Love the dash of color in the last panel.
There are several options when neutering a cat. You can opt for just snipping the vas deferens (a vasectomy) or removal of the testicles (castration).

See for a lot of options.
This cat has yet to understand the powers of cuteness it has over humans.
@McCat: Krosp I can do that, but since all cats have terrible attention spans it's worthless.
If only there was a roving drummer to provide a rimshot.
I only ever have that concoction with food.
Al's got Fel's scent all over him, they should know better.
I get the impression that they are happy he has a girlfriend and shall willfully ignore the rest.