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Let's see.... I'm a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in creative writing. After making comics fairly consistently since I was about seven, I decided to actually show some to an audience. Hello, audience. This account will be solely for my Nuzlocke comic for a while. Sorry, Pokemon haters. =/

When I grow up (read as "have to find a way to make money besides pickpocketing elderly people"), I hope to be an author/screenwriter. Since that probably won't happen, I'll soon be the schizo tugging on your jacket, pleading for spare change and maybe some hot mustard for my toes. (Yes, you develop schizophrenia as soon as you're evicted. True story.)

I listen to music a lot while I'm working on stuff. My favorites include The White Stripes (slash anything Jack White touches), Queens of the Stone Age, Eminem, Silversun Pickups, System of a Down, Fall Out Boy, One-Eyed Doll, Local H, Yelawolf, Lorde, MS MR, Linkin Park, and Hollywood Undead.

Also, the Haunshaul in my comic is NOT a representation of me, or a Pokesona or whatever. "Haunshaul" was just too long for the player name. I don't have any comic representation of myself. Feel free to make me one sometime.
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@Barn0wl Doing just fine! I actually worked on the comic a bit during the fall, but most of my creative time has been devoted to my first novel! Sorry for putting the comic on such an indefinite hiatus.
Hey, that's my comic!
Thanks for the review! I think you touched on some salient points and were really fair to the comic for the most part. Kind of miss your older style of review, though. While the impartiality and cleanliness of the presentation in this new format makes sense, I think part of the reason people like your reviews is because they're coming from you--there's no real way to be a totally impartial judge as a critic, and people come to a specific reviewer because they like their voice/presentation style. In your case, I know I really liked having more clear-cut example panels for what worked and what didn't in a comic, and there was a bit more of a conversational tone of things. I know that's exactly what you mentioned trying to distance yourself from, but I think there's something to be said for feeling more like you're reading something written by "just a regular guy" as opposed to a professor. Take Roger Ebert, for example--one of the best film critics to ever live, and he perfectly mixed expert knowledge and analysis with the everyday tone of someone who just loves movies. For future reviews, I would consider loosening up and finding a happy medium between your old style and your new style. Just a thought.

Thanks again!
You should have gone all the way with some Gen I pixel art in that top-down panel.
That's a pretty solid wigglyflame.
What is that sound supposed to be? I'm hearing Old Man Jenkins's Jalopy horn.
Papyrus? Shame on you.
*BOOOONG* <-- That's the final catch sound.
@LKWayvern: It's like watching some sort of vivisection.
How can you reuse Poke Balls?
Why do those fingers make me so uncomfortable.
Good god those legs are long. And the sexy bellbottoms.
@suh: They say that time's supposed to heal ya (thanks @Guest Number 666)
But I ain't done much healing
Really? Not Shrewbone?
@ozymandias_jones: I'll consider it. In the meantime, pretty sure it's time for an end of chapter review. =P
Internal monologues describing everything that's happening in the battle? A hero backed into a metaphorical corner? Zoom-in on an intense eye? THE ANIME IS STRONG IN THIS ONE.
Ha. Green. Like Gary's name in the Pokemon Adventures comics. (In Japan at least.)
I ship Crystal with Selene's booty.