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He, My name is Grimm,
but you can call me Grimm.

Now go check out my comics,
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Pokemon Scattered Destiny!
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Home is home so I root for the Netherlands!

If only.

They're doing crappy and you know it, they won by sheer luck and chances that shouldn't have been there. (except against Spain, Spain just sucked.)
Haha Benji u so homo.
The Silver League shouldn't only be ''in the nominations'' it should win.
For a few very simple reasons, the effects are pretty, simple, yet not boring.
The perspectives and battle choreography are incredibly well done, and the fact that all of this is in paint, and a lot of custom stuff, just makes it that much more impressive.
It's also very well written, and the characters are very interesting. Also one of the only pokemon comics around that uses simple logic to create great story arcs.
I hope you win.
Dis comix still sucksed. :I

A job well done to Neroe though.
..Yeah.. The Magikarp sprites..
There aren't any.

^that is basically my reaction to this in chronological order.
Why do you do this Reign? Why?! D':
Great pages!
As for the non profit label..
Log in op deviantart en neem daar contact op met Grimmbound (ik) ik en wat vrienden hebben zo'n label. Je zou er perfect bij passen gok ik zo.
Nice improvements on me Fujinmon!
I've shared my opinion with you,
So I guess I'll leave you with a 6/10 at that.
It was a nice read anyway.
March 16th, 2013
Crazy stuff this comic :D
March 15th, 2013
Find myself exited for an upload of this every time~
March 9th, 2013
Is it the yellow dot in the sky in panel 13 that may or may not be an electric pokemon creating lightning?
Or am I very far off?
That Opening is awesome :D
Art is adorable, and maybe a bit scary,
story is funny and original,
comic looks great.

I love this!
Why do you keep saying you stopped putting effort into them? Did you ever?
Honest to god, you can make a good comic without trying, so stop cryin' about it.
Oh look! It's my trainer!
Sooo.. Van's never going to come back, is he?
That is one strong Pidgey :p