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skate the fox
hobbies: hurting sonic

occupation:N/A idiot im not old enough to have a job!

my likes:more popularity,new clothes,video games,candy,pizza,flash games/videos,flash writing,ect
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    skate the hedgehog/skatethedemo
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Lesson 1 when fighting noobs keep your gaurd up for shoop-da-woop.
Wimps *looks at picture* i belive i saw things i shouldint have
*little girl scream*
Dude you keep spelling said wrong XD
You mean grinch :_1
I agree with bruce the last part scared me...
MWHAHAHAHHAHA *gets weegee*
@ Aurax
I did not understand what you just said X(
Im totally going to fav this! its my favorite comic!
You kno what i agree with whoever said that people are getting imature I mean c'mon is it really neccesary to fight this much i man people should learn how to make peace (though i only do in many situations)
im telling you use omochao to kill it!
Also i have school tommorow so i wont update during 8:00 to about 4:00
Oh that hehe do you think its easy trying to write stuff in the mourning before school thats why i have bad grammer. And also i am trying to teach myself to type because i think those how to type computer things are stupid!
aaaw cute hedgehog pic <)
EWWWWW if you do that again i wont fav this comic im serios dat is disgusting
i saw something similar in sonic oddball crackups mighty was staring at amy and saing craz stuff
me: NO we must destroy tails doll by one evil cruel thing one that cannot be destroyed OMOCHAO
ME i have a loop on his voice clip * starts loop*

whats with the all of the sudden romance wait dos dat mean tha-*shot*