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Most sonic Though
I suck at Making sonic Sprites
You Will see more
It has goku's super sayan hair And Link's Body.
Work Improgress
Its good
Man I was hoping for werehog but at least you will match sonic.
so it was not just me who thought that, good.
Is it just me or does laser look weird?
That all right thanks
Sonic Colors
Sonic colors Name hahahaha.
I need help Editing These
If guys want to help that would be great.
This is One of many Edits. For both The comics And a game I am working on Tell me your thoughts. Also I left a message on The newest comic on Sprites Cafe Please read it.
Hey guys Sorry for lack of updates, But I have Question you guy want to help with Sprite Making? I Editing a lot of sprites And Need help.
Tanooki Leaf
I Like the tanooki Leaf but what do you guys like
I am going goldstud
Mark Pen
November 15th, 2011
I need a Teenage Amy Rose sprite Shreet guys. Post it on Fan base Please.
@aqua the hedgie: Not you, Aqua, Advertisement, Should been more specific.
Alright already
I get you can't read that but not much i can do this is really not my main comic. It is just for laughs and I have that why started. I know this is not best comic but That is NO reason to say it suck. IT WILL GET JUST @!@#$@# WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok It is color coded Mines Black sora is Brown. And If you nothing nice to say, say Nothing at all.
Author Powers on.
As the title say I am busy...Ok, overwhelmed, but Fullhouse is canceled everything else postponed. Sorry...
Some of them are 8-bit at the top.