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Oh no i hope your computer gets fixed mine had been broken for at lest a month and it sucks
Me and Kim have the same belief About sex then
June 17th, 2018
Did you stop updating on tapas
Y'all is killing meeeee i love it lol
@Xaryna: thanks
his hand looks backwards
What does that last bubble say
i am so confused
his bags are cute
whats publix
have fun yall
ok an affair with his teacher isn't he a minor so isn't that rape? why are his parents not calling the police ?
@SomiJuli: this makes me happy <3
the second panel doesn't seem right. it looks like his lower arms are coming out of his knees
yall is killing me
@KayLingLing7: no clue about apps. i thought this was regular txt
@R.O.-bot: not everyone's phone lets you block numbers mine doesn't
this comic makes me so happy and is still my favorite
@sstogner1: me either
October 26th, 2017
@Ginnya: I am a parent and i am confused lol