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I just automatically hear that "please" with like an accent, aha! Just, oh boy... I've heard this before...

and than look for light switch by stumbling around in the dark and reaching out constantly
hide in the corner and pray for jesus
@Urui: ah no! i'm just very busy with life and other projects! i'll eventually update again!!
1 Orb found!
Yay. Page 20! Woo!
Also, hint: Jadedia is strong and can push things.
(it has the power to heal/repair btw)
"Dear Little Witch,

You and your coven have a very important journey.
I will do my best to help from afar.

(sorry for the lateness!!)
(you can now command Jadedia)
(new character!!))
(sorry for taking a while to update I got distracted by other stuff)
(ps you can now command marmoona)
(plz name new friend)
(cute scarf time)
(what do ya want to her to do)
(give her a name plz)
February 1st, 2015
Like, where did he come from, the medieval ages?
Hehee, Jer is the beauty...
I mean, I'm not finding it funny 'cause it's normally a female role or whatever, but more like, wow, GABBY. He's like this beautiful GORGEOUS being to her. WOW. It's honestly ridiculously hilarious. But also like kinda UNNERVING. Like, plz, stop with this obsession.

This isn't love, it's just HORROR. Gabby...please stop.