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I'm a lurker OTL
I really can't draw. Or write. Or type. :) But I got tired of being hidden in the shadows and decided to make an account to actually be recognized by a name on SJ and fan-worship some awesome comics. So enjoy my extremely empty profile :P
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Um. Well. This is quite a shocking turn of events.
*takes breath*
Truthfully, when I had returned to the comic to find this page I did not believe my eyes. I was literally flipping back and forth between this page and the one before and rubbing my eyes. Now that I have accepted it as actually happening, I...
Well frankly I think Jack did lose some of my respect, like crunchyblueberry said, and it pains me to realize that Reilly is seeing all of this. :( Jack KISSED her. They KISSED. It's just so overwhelming. (Also, is this why Jack is so hesitant to show affection?)
But then again, Jack and Sonia do have meaningful ties and they seemed to be childhood friends. And this is also, thankfully, eight or so years ago. Reilly was pretty much a kid at this point, maybe nine or ten. So, we can't quite blame Jack for his youthful romances. And also, Sonia's desperate and beautiful and tragic and such so Jack can't really leave her alone at this point. So, although respect has been lost somewhat, they're both really captivating characters.
The comments suggesting that Sonia/Jack is a man-eater/ladykiller are pretty funny, too.

..."Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack." x)
Wow. Mr. Friday is so creepy, especially in the first panel.
How did Jack find out his last words to the company? Was he there, or did he find out by listening to secondhand reports? I'm guessing the latter, but...
I love the style and at the second panel I immediately thought of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future *_*

(not to nit-pick but i think it's 'the last words Mr. Friday said WERE' in the last panel.)
Well, I see where Jack is going with that point...
"Your husband has schizophrenia" probably goes over better with most people than "Your husband has turned to the occult and is slowly transforming into a soulless bird monster who is setting up a crime ring for power and money".
Awesome. We're getting into the Mr. Friday parts~

mk_insane: IT CANNOT BE! ; - ; What of all of the JackxReilly shippers out there!?!
Trilby: Nah, it's cool :)
We talked about this, I think. I hope it isn't made canon >.>
Maybe that's how this whole serial killer business started. The Doctor secretly loves soap operas and after setting up the Cavellos was watching a particular favorite when he noticed his OTP getting messed with by a chick from the male lead's past. He flew into a rage and wanted to kill her as soon as possible and one thing lead to another and now we have Jack XD /lame
ChaoticTrilby: I meant the panel in which Jack was speaking. It looks a bit awkward to just have him say "please come", sorry for any misconceptions.

Oh no. The other pairings are now at stake due to Sonia and Jack's past :|
Thanks~ :D
I'd join (esp. for the FABULOUS prizes) but I can't draw ; - ;
Why does Sonia get to address Jack as "Jack" but Jack has to address Sonia as "Mrs. Friday"? Is it because he's trying to act professional...?
In the third to last panel, I think you meant "please come IN" or "please come CLOSER" :) I'm thinking that it might improve the flow of the dialogue, as long as that's what you mean.

side-note: WHOOHOO! More about Mr. Friday!
...except that, even now, I still think that Jack is talking about himself in the third person OTL
Yay, another little factoid: Watts wasn't just some Cavello-assigned butler, he was with Jack from the beginning :)
I am worried about Watts' condition in the present, though.
The name plate is so adorable yet professional-looking. Wow, a town with 782 people...
I'm guessing we'll be meeting either Sonia or Reilly very soon (Sonia if the flashback is completely unaltered, Reilly if Jack is trying to include her in the flashback in some way to make her understand better).
As always, Jack looks uber-handsome and although you used backgrounds that were not drawn they really fit the scene well. As for me, I really hope there's some sort of interaction inside of the flashback, ie Jack and Reilly in the flashback but not able to change anything, etc. I want to see how Reilly reacts to all of this!
...And that is why Jack is such an amazing, complex character.
...just asking, but did you deliberately draw insane Jack's hand like that? It almost looks like he's missing his glove (not that it makes him look any less cool).
I literally screamed in realization and smug happiness. We knew it! This was completely unexpected, yet so obvious it hurt.
Also, I love your frequent updates.
So they had a mental connection? Awesome.
The close-ups on Jack in these last few pages make me happy, as well as the dialogue.
The 'prison' has a really good surrealist feel, as well as the added bonus of having it look barren.

...Good job, also, by having the strangely logical "point of contact" rule that also doubles as a fanservice. Can't wait to find out who the original personality really is.
All right, so this is a transition page?
We missed you ;-;
I'm so glad.
This page is beautiful.

EDIT: ...I also had perverted thoughts at the middle text.
I was surprised, actually... I figured she'd just fall, but this is so much better! Does Jack have cool mind powers, or did Reilly just pass out? Either way, she's now in Jack's head but she fell right next to the gate...HAS SANE/REPRESSED JACK FINALLY FOUND A WAY OUT OF HIS MENTAL JAIL?
Yay update
As usual, I am in shock and awe. But...I'm still a little confused as to what's happening. Did Jack pull her toward him leading her to fall, or as someone said did she step on a trapdoor and fall through with Jack still holding her arm?

Edit: oh, now I understand.
No your style is amazing this way DON'T CHANGE OuO
I LOVE SECRET GARDEN AS WELL but haven't been watching for it and missed a lot -_-
First/Last panel made me aww and laugh simultaneously
Oh, Reilly...
I really really like her and yet hate her so much right now. She's very realistic, but sometimes I just want her to have a completely OOC moment and speak to Jack in a kind manner ._.
I was actually wondering about that (Reilly's betrayal at the police station)...Thomas and Chief and all of them down at the 'station got that Jack was a pawn, and were hunting the Cavellos when we left off with them, yes? She was not notified about this?
And Jack should just go up and hug her, no matter how many slaps he gets. Or...say SOMETHING like ChaoticTrilby mentioned (over and over again). :(
This makes me oddly happy. Is that bad?
...I mean, that she would be so hurt about everything. That she wants to trust him but can't because of the past they have together. It kind of sounds romantic to me. Or I might just be editorializing something totally different, but eh.
I love the last panel and Jack suddenly looking afraid again in the fourth panel.
(Pst, Reilly! Jack was being brainwashed and might not remember or realize...he was killing people as a JOB back then, how do you expect someone like that to think that what he was doing to you was heavier than what he was doing in the first place? And plus, like many have said, this Jack is at least partly sane and wants to protect you...)
Okay I'm being lazy and just using two comments for what an edit could do but-
in response to everyone's responses and my added comments (sorry hiruda) :
1. I ship Reilly and Jack and am glad to see so much support, but is it really that surprising to see her hating him? It makes me sad too but saving her life once is very small in her rage-freakout-flashback compared to all of times he's put her in danger (tried to smash her with his umbrella/tied her up with tentacles/made her lie to the police/made her be his accomplice at a high-profile party/threatened her family, friends, and herself/stalked her/get herself made into a target for overhearing his name, etc.)
2. Mr. Porter...he's that hard to remember? He's a magician that Jack looked up to, Jack saw the last of his shows (literally, figuratively or metaphorically), he was 'killed' by a car accident on a very snowy day, and all of this was in Jack's story. ChaoticTrilby was right in saying theories are ample about who he really is.
3. Mikashi raises a point I've been wondering ever since I saw this page. How coincidental can something get? Mr. Fay died in 1854 (albeit next to a squirrel) and the last time anyone had ever heard of him he was in Australia. How exactly was he related to Radio City? And, to be even more mind-boggling, how is it that that flyer/poster was unlucky enough to wind up in Reilly's hands? Jack has his dates wrong or Mr. Fay is also not who we think he is.
4. Mustache noted...@Rin_Soul it really doesn't seem like he can grow facial hair.
5. It kind of bothers me that some people care more about the 'relationship' of Jack and Reilly more than the actual plot or the logic of the story...please don't take this the wrong way, but if you remember every time Jack/ Reilly was in some way affectionate to one another but do not remember major characters or major events, I don't know what to say. Of course, there are people that just forget and I understand but it is very conflicting when you remember small events and then do not remember the big things...Reilly might actually hate Jack for life. With or without his sane persona or warm demeanor towards her. She's a cynic about human kindness, remember? She could easily believe he was putting up a front and then planning to go off and betray her by showing his 'true' insane side by killing her or something, so he's dangerous to be anything but enemies with until she can confirm he's sane. Despite this I still ship it :)

Okay intimidating comment end :P sorry if I annoyed anyone with my opinion...
...and I'm confused again...also, love the squirrel on Mr. Fay's shoulder in the first panel.