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SQUEEEEEEEELLE! YASSSS get it Julius XD ;3!!!!!!
Sergio your obsession is showing lol
OMG love the new page!!!! And Nilus is always real!!! Can't wait to see the vampire king XD
What amazing powers or mythical creature would come out of the rock. It might have open up Sergio's powers or a dragon or phoenix would come out. No what came out of the flaming magical rock was a ..CUTE LITTLE PUPPY!!! HELL YA!!!>:D
Wow he completely ignored that come on...LIKE A BOSS!!!
I just almost died when I saw this page!!! I've been waiting for some more Simmon X Sergio cuteness!!!!
Wow Simon knows a lot about politics...who would have guessed. I also love how Sergio is in the background holding onto Simon. <3
LOL Jet is sulking.
Now Jet just got punched AGAIN,and got kidnapped...............he really sucks as a villain lol!!!XD
This guy just got it in the face twice in just 2 pages by our awesome supers!!!! This guys reflexes must really suck LOL!!!
That was cool!!!The bad guy kind of has a power like Simon's.
He's totally going to snuggle his stuff, like a 'I wanna marry you",fan!! >:D
Water Girl Sparkly Transformation GO !!!!!
YESS!!! It's costume time !!!>:D
YESSSSSSS new chapter!!! I've been waiting two weeks for this!!!!!
February 10th, 2011
This is my favorite page of your comic!!! XD Hahahah Death-eaters...
I absolutely adore your comic, it's the best!!! Nilus is so adorable when she's angry LOL XDDDD
How cute they're drinking bubble tea!!!! Awwww Sergio is sad cuz he thought Simon was being bribed to hangout with him !!! XD