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I've been inactive from this site for a long time, but now I'm going to create some comics whenever I can/want :P
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@Marley_Proctor: Yeah, I didn't notice that until I posted it
@HyperTurtle32: True enough
Date: 11/12/15

Time: 2:20am

So, anybody remember me? No? Ok...

Anyway, I haven't really been on... for the past two-three years due to not having internet. To be honest, I forgot I even had one of these accounts. However, with some interwebs searching, I have found my old smackjeeves account. Sorry that I have been gone for so long. Anyway, here is a WIP of something that I have been working on... for the past hour. What it is: Vent from Mega Man ZX edited to basically be my sprite character for something else that I am working on.

What I am trying to do: Recreate the sprite, pixel by pixel.... it honestly didn't take nearly as long as I thought that it would. Honestly, if you line art your own artwork, then proceed to colour it like I do, then this seems like second nation... but it is still pretty hard and I may or may not need some help when I create the sheet. (by the thing looking all blurry, you are tell how long it has been since I last worked on something like this)

So, anyway, I am going to sleep now... so... see you guys when you see this I guess...

Credits: Vent and Mega Man ZX belong to Capcom
Sprite was ripped by Bean. I do not own the original, I am merely using it to create my own unique (ha!) character. I take no credit for the original in any way, shape, or form

Date: 11/18/15

Time 10:43pm

As you can see, I have figured out how to make a proper resize. Well, sort of. Anyway, nothing major to report here, other then the fact that I made his shirt red, and OH MY GOD HIS LEFT ARM!!! That looks horrible! I will fix that, as I continue on with the sprite, but... god... I wanna just shot myself in the hand for making that....

Bright side, I have made at least some progress. Down side, I have to deal with the fact that I made something horrible and I am uploading it to the internet.... Well... crap.... OH WELL!!! Again, feel free to help, anyway you think that you can
The feels are real
Yeah, sorry that I haven't been updating this comic for the past two years. The thing is that my I haven't had any internet for the past two years, and honestly... I forgot that I even had this account

I will get back to this story, so don't worry. Also, I am going to delete the stuff that I have this with comic currently, as I completely changed it for when I last worked on it. To anybody who is still following this comic and are waiting for the next part, it will be coming in about two months, so please, just wait a little longer
Sorry that I can't update my part anytime soon. I'll try to update as soon as I can
@kwane: I have to agree with that. I honestly don't feel like this comic becoming dead again, if you know what I mean
Oh my god...

Those charms are so fucking cute!

I love how the main character, has that in her bag xD
Yeah... I've been lazy :U
Let's play a drinking game:

Everytime you say a panty shot in this comic, you take a drink! :D
This is just awesome xD
Hope you don't mind reading a bad fanfiction, disguised as a comic! 8D
Made with that banned story thing again...

When will I start making i comic? I don't know! O.O

Oh, and Merry Christmas
@Winged Knight: I'm not sure, how long it will be before my part becomes a bad fanfic. Maybe it has already :U
My bad page! :D
Yuppers! :D

Anyway, Sky is asking the Day Care man and his Wife, to look after his Pokemon, while he is taking the exam. Oh yeah, and he has a newborn Eevee... named Aitori...

So... yeah...

Man this page is cheesy!
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