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im just gonna take a guess and say that that brick wall took awhile to draw....
times like these make me support kaito and colt >.<
his hair is short like from all the flashbacks so im thinkin this a dream.....dammit -_-
the angle of the last panel, THE ANGLE!!! *nosebleeds and dies*
oh,oh the irony
what if her father is the evil villain in all of this?? D: le gasp
noooo! lord angel you must give us more!! D: PLEASE!!!
damn, that laugh surprised me as much as it did shuno XD
there be some irony in that question :p
kaito's first thought "shoudn't he be at the bottom of the ocean?"
oh fo-shizzles! D:
that is my dream too! ^////^
kaito cant find his body heater! O:
aww i love how he looks there ^^
shuno sits so gay, i love it! :D
i had a gigantic headache all day today and then i read the updates and BAM! headache gone :D this webcomic is better than any medicine ^^
i knew shuno was gonna walk in and say that! XD (fan girl squeal)
t-rex and A dragon. DEFINETELY
@Quadrant: i think EVERYONE is looking at her boobs XD
oh my goodness i LOVE the name of this chapter ^^ its so catchy to say