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much better, still needs work tho
mind if I have a shot?
After What i just told you about posting things befor you start
Now that you have admited your comic sucks, i can move on to your charcters, which is what attracted me to troll you in the 1st place, why do you need to recolour, can you answer me that
Well stop talking like one, it makes it that much more entertaining to troll you, and yes it was mean, im a troll, what did you expect
Well he is a recolour of sonic and untill that changes im going to continue to troll it,
BUT YOU HAV'NT STARTED SPRITING YET, you just steal somone elses work, that isnt spriting, thats stealing and also,Stop calling me a hater, you wanna be gangsta bitch, it just makes me laugh at you
@both of you

Why the hell would i give you lessons, you wanna know how i learned to sprite, Trolling and CC, stop being lazy and acctuly try, it is not freaking hard to sprite, Even look ub a spriting Tut, I dont care, but it isnt my resposibilty to help you improve, you want the trolling to stop, then get better, simple
@zamio, im not raging at you, im raging at this comic, and all the other recolour comics, one by one

I already did, but i will know repeat myself

1. stop recolouring
2. If you having trouble with the design, just experiment untill you find somthing you like, i have noth against edits, im still a very minor edit, but i cant stand plain recolours
@zamio, How does this not suck, how do any of your comics not suck, the characters are shit and the maps are either incomplete or glitched,
Yes I read the bullshit description, it changes nothing, Why Would you post this if you hav'nt even started yet, this just gives you a bad opinion of you, but i suppose if you do this, you must be used to low opinions

Oh and btw, Your English sucks, perhaps next time you should type abit slower
Oh yes, yo totaly owned us, because im totaly "awww STFU U stoopid meanie weanie" you really need to get a better conception on what ownage is
Just adjust the quills untill you find somthing good, posting isnt gonna do shit
Stop Recolouring and i will
Your telling me to get a life, look at you, you make fail arse comics with shit you recoloured from sega, so dont tell me to get a life.
No, you arnt learning, you will begin learning, when you stop recolouring, right now your just being lazy
WOW dude really
Well now, its not that hard, to edit a sprite, you are just lazy, you are not a spriter, you are a recolourer, nothing else
Fail shading, his right arm looks like it has a tumor, and his left glove looks like a glitch in the matrix
and get some skill