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Yay, Atty's getting into it!

Hmm...y'know, Atticus tends towards unorthodox strategies. If he starts taking this stuff seriously, that makes for a rather formidable opponent.
I'm honestly expecting this guy to rip out Amy's baby just so it could analyze the beginning of life.
Funny thing is, Garbador learns Explosion by leveling up.
@Ultimate the Hedgehog:

Me or H0ly?

Because I don't. Well...did at first. Now I'm more just trying to figure her out.
Theory: George is so disconnected from reality because she's actually a Ditto mimicking a girl it encountered, and decided it liked being a human.
I wonder if George's brain is just incapable of registering the idea that enthusiasm isn't a suitable replacement for skill.
By the time Ryan even looks at this comic again, the comic will probably have faded from memory.
@The_mad_one: I think he wanted her to at least try. It's the principle of the thing: you can learn from defeat, you can't really take much from giving up.
Our dog rather quickly learned all our euphemisms for "bath" and "walk", how to spell both, and how to make sure we weren't looking before snatching our sandwiches. We basically have to use diversionary tactics to get out the door without her noticing and running out to bark at the neighbors.
Okay, hands up: who here would've told Rat to zap George by now?
@Professional Mole:
I think it's something even more shocking: he's actually starting to really care about being a good trainer.
Fish is...happy to see Atticus? What?
I do believe there is a saying about cornered rats...
Hmm...I wonder, could it be that this guy's such a dick b/c he knows he's in a comic/video game, so nothing really matters to him?
Well, if we're counting the Sinnoh Myths as canon, technically people ARE pokemon, just a very different KIND of pokemon. If this is true, it's possible some humans have some remaining pokemon-esque features/abilities.
@Hyper Shadow:
You have to realize something about Zeus for his decisions to make sense. While in this comic he seems at the very least driven by reason, in the original mythos Zeus just kind of dicked about, and broke shit when things went poorly for him.
Oh dear, this is quadrupleplusungood...
Bah, you haven't had bad coffee until you've used week-old grinds and bug-infested green rainwater.