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Hey, I'm Kalvin. I'm a professional artist in Oklahoma.
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    Kalvin Goodlow
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Insecticide Comic Free Sample
If you follow the link below to our website, you can download a PDF of the first 20 pages of Insecticide, a comic book project I've been moonlighting on for a while.

I hope you'll give it a read and follow us on


We would really appreciate some feedback!
Insecticide Peek
FINALLY I can break the silence! I have been working frantically on this with two of my colleagues. We are making a 3D modeled comic book called Insecticide. It will be a 3 part miniseries and lead into a video game based around the same setting and characters! We have been working on it since May and will be ready for print in the Summer time!

Come along on an action-packed ScfFi adventure where funny animal characters mercilessly wreck house on a race of evil alien bugs!

It is based on THIS webcomic!

All material shown here is copyrighted to their respective owners.

Follow our Facebook page for future updates!
Freakin' Holidays
Sorry, I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. Too busy running around for last minute Xmas stuff. X_X