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I like Pokemon.
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Boobs. I see the future.
@spark70708: Thank you! :)
More color. Pokemon love color.
Had some fun drawing this too. Cute.
Lame page is lame, but I needed a transition page for the end of the prologue. Onto the first chapter! Away!
Oh my. There is hope!
I made it color just for you.
Manga Form
The game is really cute. I think it is meant for 10 year old and younger, but I still liked it. (laugh) I beat it in a day, but I am working on unlocking everything. I will probably play it multiple times for the manga.
February 20th, 2012
February 19th, 2012
Boring page is boring.
January 7th, 2012
Aww... Poor boys. Her cooking is deadly.
December 29th, 2011
@VikaB: Exactly. Hahaha. Good for her. :'D She should be very happy.
Random hand because I didn't want this page just to be words. :I
Joy is old fashioned. No putting out until you're married. D:<
Bois. :B She's not too lucky with the men, but ohohoho.
In this case, the dad's form of happiness was sight seeing, exploration, and new experiences.
Dooode. I am proactive and wrote Joy's entire introduction. :I
Haha. Aww... Poor baby. :')
Sucks for you, Joy.

@SilverHyena: Thanks. :) You need to get in on this soon. :o
@Mikseky: I took the next page because I can. :I So there. Joy doesn't like Dai. xD
@markhansavon: Okay. Thanks. :)
D'awwwww. He's a cutie pie. I'm a total sucker for the sickly character. Pfft.