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Fa~il. xD Poor guy though...
It's a teleportation devise, right? :D And poor Rasputin. *Gives him a hug.* It'll be okay, dear! It'll be okay!
Yotsuba!! :D

And the world may never know~
It's so cute~ <3
I like that way! xD
For some reason, I really like Hakakku's face in the 5th panel.
squish it
And squish it good! >:D
"I've a wife..."
I know I've heard/read that phrase somewhere; maybe in a movie or a novel? I don't know, but it sounds correct to me. As Aizombie said, it fits the context. Besides, I am going into English in college and plan on writing novels; I might use "I've a..." sometimes, even when I talk. Generally, it depends on the context.

Otherwise, great page~! It sounds like a fun trip ahead! x3
Thank you~
I went from PO'd to LOLing xD
Ooooo~ Maybe he'll be like "omgosh! GTG!" and then go home to see Alex gone and freak out and go look everywhere for him and then come go back home to find Alex and his ex at the door. =I Or not...
Arctic Ookami
March 18th, 2011
I see that Abdul is happeh~ my friend~ :D
I'd definately vote for question duck; he's definately good with making his followers more knowledgable about random things xD
Great pic for a great comic~ And good luck~!
Rest in peace dearie~

Adorable picture~<3
Me like the color~ Very nice~ x3
Kukuku~ x3
Love it~ Though I honestly thought that he was a dinosaur at first xD I see the crocodile now though. 8D
Kukuku~ xD
:3 Love it~ x3
I wonder who those people could be~? :D

Love it~
Cute~ Though it almost seemed like there were two ducks at first xD