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I like evil. . .and boobies
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Heh, or maybe it's a sign you've done it too much!

I love the Keno just keeps running back and forth. He's so happy with his jinglies! <3
Meh, the only thing I want to grow up is my boobsize. . .otherwise I am quite happy to languish in the psuedo-adult state I currently occupy at this point in time in this relative dimension of an ever expanding universe. . .
Ah well, these things must be celebrated ya know. It's a big accomplishment, not just an excuse for a three day bender. . .
Gabrielsthoughts, are you hitting on the boys? Thats so cute!
Dammit, I was hoping for one involving vampires!

There is of course the slight variation on your quote there: "Before you insult another man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way when you do, you're a mile away and have his shoes."

I know that one isn't credited to Lincoln, but it makes me happy to think he might have said it at some point.
Yeah right Keith, statistics are just made up arbitrarily , 73% of all people know that!
Check out that bummy action in the background.

And where do I get one of those lamps for the apartment? :P
Wrong. So wrong. Like three kinds of rainbow wrong overwhelming my overwhelmed sense of wrongess that is wrongly curling into a tight, tormented little ball rocking gently in a shadowy corner.

Just sayin. . .
Lungs are a thing in the Nekoverse.
Heh, forty, forty five *erotic* minutes?

Actually ew, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little at the thought. . .
Ah, this comic has everything! Awesome chars, supervillians, love, and poetry! Oh, and gay kitties! <3

For real though, I love it when you rhyme, the one with Keno and Murphy is so sweet, the one with Keno and the fly is quite a joyful thing I feel, and now, well, you not only managed a great little poem, but it is so Neko's voice, not something that could have been easy and I am well impressed :)
Um, not sure I've ever wanted to cram anything up my. . .lungs, but damn he is cute! Ah, another episode of Neko that makes me snork every time I read it :P
D'aaaaaaaw, he thinks he's a people!

LOVE my new avatar btw! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! *does a little happy dance*
The shadows are a really nice touch and well executed :)
Oh no, I'm going to be getting another Keno tattoo aren't I? He's just too cute! His expression in the last panel is priceless!

Keno and my lil Ollie (or Princess Fuzzybottom, just so keith knows who I'm talking about :P)seem to be cut from the same cloth as far as the "Death Licking" goes. :P
Ooh ooh ooh! C is for cookie, thats good enough for me!

If you take a bite out of a cookie it kinda looks like a "C" :)
I've always thought of my self as more roundy than square, but as you please :P

And. . .I really wish I had a good comeback for that. . .but I'm too full of cookies to argue!
@ Gar: Hmmm, do I have to get your signature too? I mean the copyright thing would be hard enough to explain to guys I'm trying to pick up, I think your signature too would kill my chances completely! And how much would you pay me to wear the copyright info? :P
@Gar: I never thought about cool when getting Keno. I think once you get a cute lil kitty on your body your adorable rating goes through the roof but you lose all your "cool" points. :P

@NikitaCougar: I love love LOVE my Keno tattoo, but if you get a Neko tat be prepared to explain about the comic! Whenever I have occasion to be bare-legged in public there is always at least one person who will ask about the tattoo. On the other hand, it's great advertising the comic. . .I'm thinking about billing Gar for leg exposure time ;)