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I'm your average nerd I suppose. I enjoy watching a cheesy television series about beings with supernatural powers and a cheerleader with no common sense. I also play various Nintendo DS and PC games.

But, above all else, I love writing stories and reading them. Sprite comics are always fun, I used to run a daily Sprite comic called megabots. It lasted about 2 years, then I got tired of it. So, here I am, an Anime artist(Not really a very good one mind you) and things should be cool from here on out.

I also accept birthday notes and anything that has to do with cool people(Not the high school cool, the real COOL cool).

Peace out! Long live! Oh, and the new star trek movie is unmatched among it's kind. ^.^
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This issue promises many things...such as blankness...
Here it is!
After quite a while of thinking about putting these up here. I have. These comics are created and belong to Prince Peasley(who I'm hoping to get to work on his comics again by doing this.XD) I am mierly the guy that remastered many of the comics here.

Pipes...Ah, my favorite sprite comic of all time. It's really funny.
I give you, the latest villain: Molecule. XD
So, there's four of them. Ah well, Goku and Vegita are well more than powerfull enough to take care of them.
February 13th, 2011
By the way, Love the show!
February 13th, 2011
Just one question, could a space-time rip in the quadrilateral equality renderer possibly cause a tear in the fabric of the show Ask Spice therefore creating a temporal anomaly in which Spice dies of a malicious heart-attack and then falls over into the floor but the floor is actually a thin strip of paper spread out across the room making it impossible to land on a solid surface thus causing Spice to be eaten alive by the giant sea squid living underneath the paper and then slowly being digested until mega man comes along and saves Spice from his untimely demise in the Washing Machine later on?
Heh, this is funnies!
NOOO! Protoman! Whyyy?!
No, Vegeta isn't seeing doubles. There really are two Cell's standing there. I have a gut feeling there's more than just two though. Stay tuned!
NOOOOO!!! The 2nd worst Villain of the Saga has Returned! But, why? Surely he can't have escaped Other World. ....But it looks that way.

(Hover your mouse over the comic for extras)
Dragon Ball Z Deserves a GOOD Fancomic. I haven't found many that are totally awesome, so I'm trying to make one myself. XD
Heh, I was kinda disappointed the way this one turned out. It seemed cooler in Script format.
DBZ makes death seem like it's no biggie, yet they are afraid to die when a villain threatens them. I like other world personally.
The Saga Begins! Never Underestimate the power of Chickens!
Bad quality, but funny stuff.
Oooh! Pretty!
WOAH! That's a wall of guest stars!