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Likes sports, art, music and warm weather.

Magical side-switching bag doesn't care about your logic.
you seem awfully good at killin' them you have any interest in becoming a professional exterminator? If so, boy, do I have a job for town has been overrun!!! Seriously, they're EVERYWHERE. You can't walk outside without getting stung........and no one knows where they came frommmmmmmm......
yes. love him. yes.
.....Awwwww~ FREAK OUT!!!! *clap*
Yay! This comic is awesome - so glad it's back! (seriously, if pokemon had been like this for real, I think I actually would have watched it lol)
omigod. *random theory spaz time* young Mags and old Raz switch bodies to make old Mags and young Raz!!!! lol

I'm super excited to see where this goes! Keep up the amazing work!!!!! :)
Thank you so much for putting this comic up here. This strip alone made my entire WEEK.