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Been on Sj for a couple of years now. Made some new friends and got to expand my creativity. Its been a good experience so far.
A.K.A "ZoneTH"
Status:Dead Account. New one is Zonethehedgehog
cause it makes more sense
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welp.....was fun reviewing, when my photoshop and internet went down, i went inactive for a bit, so i feel kinda bad for it shutting down. yeah, yama, if u ever restart, please contact me. ill easily join again!
been waiting ages for these updates!!!! *rage mode* jk jk jk Glad you found the time to update ^^ updates in awhile ;~;
^ she wants some alone time with Spik *brick'd*
dang it! you beat me to it!
^ perfect! spik x comet clone
Just came to me naturally...

Spik is property of Sonicballzx
...w...what?! oh my gosh....i would say u went too far bro...but then again...i doubt you care...
Yep yep
Decided i needed to post, and after a cute picture of two nidoran cuddling, i just had to make this. >.>
just found this comic today. Dark art style....i like it. :D lol I'm so weird. anyways, defiantly some potential to be a good story. so +fav
I'm liking Ed already. lol I like the theme of it so far. I'll give it a fav, and wait for future updates
Haven't seen your sprites in awhile Bre. Looks nice. I like em
> check downstairs
January 17th, 2013
> tell Shumay that u r kicking them out, and that,it is now your room.
January 10th, 2013
January 8th, 2013
I think there should be a handsome potato. cant go wrong with that