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I'm one of those androgynous things you see walking down the street. You know, the ones with their hair all slicked back and cropped short, wearing ugly baggy leggings and baring a slightly visible cameltoe, way too skinny and tan, weird large eyes with under-eye circles, often donning a pained expression in the presence of others, and always, ALWAYS wheezing? --Yeah, you've seen me around. Generally I make a noise, warning of my approach: alkkfslfj;lsdkjf;asjdkfas;d!
Basically I'm here to read comics and draw my own awful stuff. I like sci fi and futuristic things. I'm really into old-timey nonsense, too (the early Golden Era). The 1920s were fashion filled! Who can get enough of those classy cloche hats and tunic-tops?
I also like Japanese history and shit. Nothing better than the antics of the Edo period shogunate! One of my favorite anachronism-filled historical anime is Samurai Champloo, as a matter of fact. You know what's great too? Japanese mythology. Oh boy. Yokai tales, anyone? No? ... well...
Anyway... I see I'm boring you and there's nothing much to do here... Shuffle on! ...Just go... ;_; Leave me all alone... D:
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aww this was a great story~
simon is so adorable
and brownie's on pizza? how about yesss
and your lineart is really fantastic
sergio's blushing >////< cutttteeeee