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Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hairstyle: Something?
Race: Asian--Filipino

Likes: C O S P L A Y I N G;; D R A W I N G;; R O L E P L A Y I N G;; S E W I N G;; W R I T I N G
Hobbies: C O S P L A Y I N G;; D R A W I N G;; R O L E P L A Y I N G;; S E W I N G;; W R I T I N G;; C O L L E C T I N G A N I M E T H I N G S

Fave Food: Chicken Curry
Least Fave Food: Asparagus
Fave Snack: Strawberry Pocky
Fave Candy: SOUR Neon Gummy Worms
  • Real Name
    Jc Cruz
  • Age
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ugh, good. he was SO ANNOYING xD
Uhm... How old is Zeus here? O_O
also, why does a bug trainer want a fire type pokemon o.O
The FUUU?! I like that girl! I feel bad for her QoQ
i love these characters so much!
I love the chapter cover [:
Aww, that's just cute :) I love it!
DT is so cute, and Atty! He just grew up! xD
aww atty is so cute!
why jump O_O
you really gonna take kahn's money atty? D;... DO IT! LOL I WOULD XD well not all of it :/
small talk is another step forward! good job atty :D
Good gosh, this page is awesome... Especially Hades <3
Wow! you lucky and also, love the page! Atty! rip off that godforsaken mask of his!