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September 25th, 2017
we lift our hands to give you our energy goku... i mean lajos
she right tho
Have fun camping!
He asked Samuel's age but not Rick's age. I'd be wary of both
'This isn't gonna work but lets do it anyways'
offended! (Nah just kidding) But it is weird.
He got that "male anime protagonist" hair
@Hte: Well. He is already dead
Kei is distracted. Wonder what he's looking at.
This dude is old! And kind of a dick. Being a werewolf is some pretty important information you wouldn't want to omit. But he was really helpful to Simon so we'll let it slide this time.
Can't even remember the last time I even touched a puzzle
Nah, he always looks like that
He just spit all over the window. Now he's scratching it! Have more respect for your home buddy
Pretty sure my neighbors are trying to blow up the whole state
I feel like that full moon has something to do with... Something.
Simon! Run you fool!
November 13th, 2016
Seems like you advanced the seasons so you wouldn't have to draw shirtless shamans
I kinda like the boring chore pages a bit more, cause now we get to see what all he has to do in this place