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Hello! I'm the typical 15-year-old artist with wild ambitions, though perhaps not so typical since I have idealistic viewpoints and spiritual pursuits that often make me kind of distanced from the rest of the world. But whatever. I'm not as emo as I might sound. If you ask my devbro, I alternate between Emo and Random / Hyper just as often as breathing. :)
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Thank you! X)
Page 2 is up! Many thanks to Heller for all the lining and inking - essential to the overall presentation of the pic! :D

I totally fried my brain panelling this one. D: So many changes had to be made midway! Manga is tiring haha! But fun. X)
Haha really lah, we aren't that epic. It's a collab too, you're doing ur comic alone eh!

Hm? It's in the credits. I do the drawing and panelling, Heller does the lineart and toning. :) Basically I draft and he's the one who gives everything a neat professional finish.
haha we're not pro! >.< Just a pair of Naruto fan enthusiasts doing a doujin.

It's a sad story with a bittersweet ending. Aka a happy story in the end, if that satisfies ya. ^^"
Our Authors' Note for this Doujin.
LOL. Man are you gonna start becoming hyperactive every single page? XDD
There's the first page for you. The others will most likely come...uh, later I guess. Don't expect it to be very soon! 8D
Testing 123
Alright so this is just a doujin collab I'm working on with my devbro, also Heller45 on Smackjeeves, for our DoujinCircle Hakusho. We have only just started on it, and updates will most likely be (very) irregular, since I have school and the work is split in such a way that he can't proceed on much without me doing some stuff too.

First time using SmackJeeves, a lot of things to learn and probably a lot of funny mistakes to make too. Ah well do put up with me if you will. ^^

Btw, this isn't the final version of the Coverpage, it's just the lineart. We'll be updating the colored version once we're done with it.

Edit: The coloured version is up! :D
Good going! XD This is ken btw. Waiting to see more from you woots~ :D