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I just noticed today... For some reason, I totally forgot who Kiriko was. So I went looking for him on the cast page to refresh my memory.

You have improved so TREMENDOUSLY at art since the comic first started. :D You have an extremely lovely style that comes with practice and patience. The writing greatly improved as well. The characters developed more, more distinctive and memorable personalities... The dialogue is cute and funny and makes me nostalgic for the cartoons I watched as a kid. Not because they're goofy or cartoonish, but just because a lot of comics I read end up getting very mature and/or adult. I like reading something that's not funny because it's a vulgar joke, but funny because it's witty.

No, I'm not saying you're a perfect writer or artist, you can always improve. :P But take it to heart that your practice and patience with art has paid off these last few years and given me a thoroughly enjoyable comic to read. I really hope you begin another comic after this one as I will definitely read it (Although I know you've stated it won't be a seamless start-up. :) )! I can only look forward to seeing more improvements from you as both an artist and writer.

(( I'd love to see more angel stuff, but mostly because I have a thing for angels/demons if you haven't inferred that from my profile. Haha. ))
Ahh! It's been so many years. ): All good things must come to an end, I guess. At least I have time to re-read it before the epilogue. n__n

EDIT: Quick question! Are you planning on another comic now that RtE is finished?

Also, I recently told a few friends about this comic. Now I have other people to fangirl with, haha. So far, everyone loves it lots!
Rubber Ducky?
I'd make a suggestion, but that pocket doesn't look big enough.

Maybe a brush or towelette? She is a bit dirty. :| Or maybe I'm the only one in the world who's first reaction would be "MUST. BATHE. NOW."
August 20th, 2011
I couldn't agree more. Especially with the random story sequences. I swear I am the incredibly stupid when it comes to stories. So when a comic skips around, I stare at it, re-read it, then get frustrated and raeg quit. :|

Though I think I'm slightly guilty of story skipping myself. I tend to try to portray things in intentional vagueness. So that the reader thinks that so and so happened by how characters imply it to be. So I think it can sometimes be confusing when more and more of the story builds upon itself and you slowly get to the point where you realize what /really/ happened. I'm good at being confusing. XD Hardy har. But I like to leave some things open to interpretation. Makes me feel like I'm reading you 'My Last Duchess' or 'Porphyria's Lover'.
Thanks to Rae
A thank you to Rae as well. I love this comic and am excited to see it come to a conclusion, especially excited for what that conclusion will be! Your artwork's improved so much since I began reading (A year or so ago?) and you've done a great job. Keep it up. n_n
Ouch. Pointing an an abra-filled womb at someone has to pinch. :|

Keep up the good work! This comic keeps making me think I should re-read My Immortal, but... Really, who wants to go through that twice?
I read some pretty awesome webcomics that don't have the greatest art. You can always tell the artist works hard to make sure everyone is aware of what's going on... Some have even been online for years, one is about to be completed. They've all never gone on hiatus and have made weekly to bi-weekly updates. They've never been really popular. The only drawback to them is really the art and I can't help thinking people just aren't interested because of that.

However, I've read plenty of pretty bad webcomics because I noticed how many people watched or fav'd it and went "This is... terrible..." The only good side is that it was pretty to look at.

Sometimes I don't think people are willing to overlook art for the story.

Maybe I just have bad taste in webcomics though? XD
This comic makes me laugh so much. Keep up the good work!