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My name is BlueOllie and I love to read webcomics! I might upload a few of mine at some point, but they're like notebook comics and my drawing is HORRIFYING. Eek. Bear with me, please. -///-

I like writing, fanfiction, playing the guitar, writing songs, directing short films with my friends, and cookies. :3

Anyway, stalk me on Tumblr and Fanfiction if you want to see what I'm doing, or you need someone to stalk.


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My third grade teacher taught me to NEVER agree to volunteer for anything if we didn't know what we were volunteering for, it's paid off for ten years now. But it's fun to see what would happen if I were actually dumb enough to say yes... Exellent comic, btw. I love the idea of it, it's classic without being cliche'd. XD
One word: cockblock. Lol, I love this comic so super much! Best pairing evar!!!!
OMG! Germany's a cop! *Hetalia, anyone?*
Five points to Gryffindor if you recognize that song!!! XD
October 10th, 2011
This is super cool! Can't wait for the next update!
hahahahaha so true. we should start a heist! Get eleven changed stat!
ah, the power of skinny jeans...
I Want Shuno's Shirt
end of story. That and the "Mountain Dew Me" shirt. SPENCERS, Y'ALL!
I know what Kaito is going through. It's the moment in an arm wrestling game when you're like, "...shit...I'm screwed."
I know right?!
Women are beautiful creatures, but some should be shot at with a BB gun. Women who think that they can use other gay women for their selfish pleasures deserve a "boot to the head". It's totally rude and beyond uncalled for. Daresay, I was in a situation like that once and I almost lost my cool. You handled it well. Good for you. You get another gold star!
September 22nd, 2011
Teh Heh!
totally ADORBS! I love it! *favorites* can't wait for da update.
I'm kinda liking the colors.
Aww, it's so cute! *weeps into handkerchief and blows nose loudly*
Lol. Cute. I like, I like -_-