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Mainly a digital artist. But I do enjoy the traditional style now and again. Either way, I love to create new stories and turn them into comics/mangas. Thought, a fair warning, I am not very consisten at updating
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    C.I. Hopea
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Stay Tuned For More!
I will be putting up the very first page today at 16:00(Mountain Time)!!! Be ready for it! :D
Its here!
I finally have a good chunk of the first chapter drawn and ready to post! This is the original prologue that I felt was good enough to leave alone. But take note that my drawing style has changed and the drawings you see here now are a thing of the past. (which is very much a good thing!)
Anyway, hope everyone enjoys reading this! Becuase I sure enjoy creating it ^-^

More posts coming very soon!
Hello Everyone!
Well, here's to my new profile and 2nd attempt at this comic! Sadly, the updates will be slow. But I hope you will find the wait worth it. ^^