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Cantaloupe is absolutely yummy. I love fruit. Cherries, oranges, plums, apples, coconut. ALL KINDS. YUM YUM.

...except grapefruit. Or passion fruit (bleh)...
eager for the next chapter..! HOHOHO ;DDD
omg sarcastic comment of viola... I play viola, no one takes it seriously xD
oh my gosh! your characters are ref'd here! how fun! pluuus, what an interesting start for a friendship~! hoohoo!
so cute I might explode
haha! Oh man, this'll be fun!! I'm really enjoying your comic! :'D
so cool!! I've never heard of something or even seen something like that in person before! I'm not a tea drinker, so it's no wonder that I haven't.

And I'm so excited for more!!

funny thing is, I just had some ice cream myself, I can understand the joys of ice cream
aaaaaaahh! I didn't expect to like this so much. Vampire stories aren't usually my thing.... BUT I CAN'T STOP READING. *cries* This is fantastic
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in a suit and on a motorcycle? This guy's too cool.
My mom asked me to turn off the TV an DVD player. Hah! I thought it would be simple.
I guess not...

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My crazy, ridiculous cats. Fionna's part siamese, and Falcon is pure black. They're siblings.

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This is the pilot for my autobiographical, silly little comic. This was my sister's and my conversation about how I should start this off. She's got quite the imagination. We share a tiny room together and are close sisters.

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heehee abs of diamond. I dunno how to swim, but gosh,
I'm reaally eager to read more~!
So sweeet <3
Oh my goodness! This was so sweet! And wow, I didn't even notice until after seeing what other stories you work on but I unknowingly faved much of your projects~! I think you're one of my favorite artists, haha! I'm eagerly reading your works~!
D'aaawww--- Alan's adorable!!
Martin's adorable: always lookin out for Pea~
YAaay! That's so cute! Many many congrats